Former Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova announced last month that she is pregnant with her first child in an Instagram post

Maria Sharapova hopes that her future child won’t take up tennis as a profession. Ian interviewed Tom Bilyeu in 2017 to promote her book, Unstoppable: My Story So Far, Sharapova spoke of several challenges she faced as a young player. Bilyeu asked Sharapova about the possibility of her future child becoming a tennis player. The Russian expressed her reservations about wanting her child to be a tennis player given what she went through to become a tennis player

Sharapova clarified very frankly why she wouldn’t want her child to become a professional tennis player. “It’s a lot. I mean you go through so many unknowns. And there is also the reality of it. There are sometimes moments when I come off the court after a tough loss. And, I sit there in the locker room and think why. Why am I putting myself through this emotion? I mean I went through the physical training for it and then I give everything I can and I am sitting here like with no rewards.”

She further added, “Just because I am a tennis player and I have done well in my career, does not mean that my future child will.”

What is Maria Sharapova doing now after retirement from tennis?

Maria Sharapova retired from professional tennis in 2020 at the age of 32. Maria Sharapova seems to be enjoying life away from tennis. The Russian isn’t quite active on Twitter but shares regular updates and pictures on Instagram. Last month, she was in Paris for a fashion show. Sharapova shared multiple images on social media where she is seen endorsing her brands and enjoying life in France.

Maria Sharapova
"I hope not" - Maria Sharapova reacts to the probability of her child playing tennis 2

Earlier this year, Sharapova was in Los Angeles, California. The former World No. 1 moved to the U.S.A at the age of seven and has been staying there since. Sharapova owns a house in Manhattan Beach, California, and another one in Bradenton, Florida. Maria Sharapova loves to spend her time exploring various places and is a frequent visitor to France and Italy.

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