“How is he getting them so fast” – Fans react to David Goffin getting all correct in the shirtless ATP players’ quiz


David Goffin lost to Gregoire Barrere in the first round of the Rotterdam Open earlier today – but he got it all right in ATP Shirtless players’ quiz.

David Goffin has taken the internet by storm after registering a 100% score in a shirtless ATP players’ quiz. The video clip of the interaction was shared on Twitter a couple of days back and since then it has gone viral on social media. Goffin has been active on the ATP circuit for close to two decades and it appears that he knows his fellow colleagues pretty well.

In the fun quiz, Goffin was asked to identify tennis stars just by looking at their bare bodies while their faces were blanked out. Goffin was spot on with each answer and was pretty quick to identify the likes of Nadal, Murray, Thiem, Dimitrov and Federer just by looking at their physique. It was certainly an impressive display by Goffin and fans seem to love every bit of it.

Fans react to David Goffin’s stunning performance in the shirtless players’ quiz

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“How he can be so good at this game remains the main question”, wrote a fan, surprised by Goffin’s brilliance like most of us.

“This is creepy how many Goffin knew”, joked another fan.

“How is he getting them so fast”, read a tweet from a fan, who is evidently impressed by Goffin’s identification skills.


“Goffin’s the champ at this… he aces the guess the grunt challenge too”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan wrote: “This is the tennis equivalent of the geoguessr guy nailing every place within 2 seconds. Goffin is truly an intellectual.”

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