Carlos Alcaraz and his unique signature celebration is a fan-favourite – here’s everything you need to know about it

If you have always wondered why Carlos Alcaraz always celebrates in the particular way that he does, here’s where you’ll get all the answers. The tennis star himself has revealed on Twitter the secret behind his signature celebration. The celebration is a fan-favorite and has gone viral since Alcaraz’s incredible rise in the tennis circuit.

Alcaraz replied to a curious fan on Twitter, revealing the reason behind his signature move. “It’s no secret! I have a group of friends called Team Lupas (glasses)! That’s where the celebration comes from”, the Spaniard wrote. ‘Lupas’ is a Spanish term which translates to ‘magnifying glasses’ in English.

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Fans react to Carlos Alcaraz’s response on Twitter

Carlos Alcaraz put an end to the curiosity of many tennis fans across the globe. Here’s how fans on Twitter reacted after knowing the actual reason behind his celebration.

“Can i join that group?”, joked a fan.

“they must love it when they see you doing this”, wrote another fan.

“It’s cute don’t stop doing it”, read a tweet.

“I also wear glasses, can I join them, Carlos?”, joked another fan.

“I thought you were just paying respects to the two GOATs”, tweeted another fan.

“Thanks. was wondering what that was! Just a fun thing. Rock on, Carlos”, wrote another fan.

“That’s nice Carlos you think about others. Your the best. Get it. Get it. Get it. Vamos”, read another tweet.

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