“Can’t even do this” – Eugenie Bouchard is stumped on Twitter with special fan-made crossword


Genie Bouchard is a former World No.5 and 2014 Wimbledon runner-up

Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was left more than happy after a fan made a crossword puzzle exclusively about her.

The crossword was posted on Twitter using hints solely about her, and left the tennis beauty beyond happy.

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Eugenie Bouchard in action during a tennis match. (Getty Images)

Bouchard even expressed her clueless in not being able to solve some of them despite the whole crossword being made entirely upon her.

“WHAT. I CANT EVEN DO THIS. AND ITS ABOUT ME”, read Bouchard’s Twitter reply after a fan named Alyson posted the puzzle on her social media handle.

A big-time Bouchard fan, Alyson had posted the crossword a few days back.

The caption read: “I made a crossword puzzle to pass some time, because yes, I’m bored. Another @geniebouchard edition, obviously. How much can you complete without cheating at all? (Be honest, some are tougher)”

Bouchard like many of her tennis counterparts is currently undergoing self-isolation at her home in a bid to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Bouchard has a sweet message for the fan

Meanwhile, the former World No.5 also shared a sweet message to her fan, who had made the crossword just for her.

Bouchard expressed her gratitude by saying that Alyson deserved to win something for her effort and added on a lighter note that she would stop stalking her.

A visibly happy Alyson, on the other hand, was quick to reply, saying that she would never ask for anything and thanked Bouchard for her concern.

Eugenie Bouchard loved a fans crossword puzzle about her
Eugenie Bouchard had a rather difficult season career-wise last year. (Getty Images)

She also did not forget to show her fandom by posting that Bouchard was the best and that how many times she told this, it would never be enough.

Bouchard, for now, has to stick to staying at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Tennis has been hit hard, like other sports, and no matches will be played for a few months.

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