Andrea Petkovic is a former World No.9 from Germany and was recently seen featuring at an exhibition match in Berlin

German tennis star Andrea Petkovic ripped apart a fan who claimed she was an average player on social media recently.

Petkovic, a former World No.9, grabbed the limelight on Twitter after she dealt with a critic who asked her to quit tennis and labelled her as an average player.

German Andrea Petkovic in action during an exhibition match held at Berlin recently. (
German Andrea Petkovic in action during an exhibition match held at Berlin recently. (Getty Images)

“You are so terrible! I think you should quit tennis and do a different career. You will always be an average player,” wrote an Instagram user after Petkovic’s 6-4, 6-1 defeat to Czech Republic star Petra Kvitova at an exhibition event in Berlin on Monday.

However, Petkovic fired a superb return by posting the screenshot of the social media troll comment.

“Missed this! Bro, have you been living under a rock? 1) I have 3 careers going at the same and hate to toot my own horn but I’m awesome and 2) you try returning Petra’s leftie serve on grass and then get back to me. Love,” Petkovic wrote alongside the screenshot.

Meanwhile, this was Petkovic’s first match in ten months, having last played at the Luxembourg Open in October last year.

“I got used to these things years back and do not care whatsoever”

Petkovic did not stop with that single reply and she added some more comments on Twitter to prove that social media criticism was not enough to pull her down.

While having a conversation with former Australian tennis star Rennae Stubbs, who supported her statements, Petkovic wrote,

“oh and btw, i got used to these things years back and do not care whatsoever. i had ten of these today AFTER AN EXHO. but the career thing was funny to me – wrong person, buddy, wrong person”.

Meanwhile, Petkovic’s comments received much appreciation from fellow tennis players and stars, who thronged in numbers offering her support on Twitter.

“Ah dude!!!!!! Don’t u love when these idiots think they have a brain!!!!!????? Then u realize he’s just a breathing walking dick!”, wrote Stubbs while another user commented “He clearly had money on the match.  Don’t sweat it.  On to the next.”

A tennis professional, Petkovic is also a presenter for German broadcaster ZDF. A renowned bookworm, Petkovic has written her biography, which is due out in October. Last March she also founded an online book club, which has just under 5,000 followers on Instagram.

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