Alexander Zverev put on one year probation for misconduct at Acapulco Open 2022


The World No. 3 however won’t miss any ATP events due to his actions

Alexander Zverev repeatedly hit the chair umpire’s sitting stand with his racquet during a doubles match at the Acapulco Open. Zverev was immediately disqualified from the tournament for his actions. Besides the disqualification, Zverev was fined US$ 20,000 for verbal abuse, US$ 20,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct and forfeited more than US$ 31,000 in prize money.

All ranking points earned by Zverev from the singles and doubles matches at the tournament were considered null and void.

ATP’s review committee investigated the incident and has now pronounced their official statement. The committee found the German guilty of “aggravated behavior” and issued an additional fine of US$ 25,000 and an eight-week ban from any ATP-sanctioned event. The ATP however said that the ban and additional fine were suspended, providing that over the one-year probation period Zverev doesn’t incur any more fines for unsportsmanlike conduct.

What happened in the Acapulco Open in Mexico?

Alexander Zverev participated in both the singles and doubles event in the Mexican Open. Zverev paired up with Brazilian Marcelo Melo for the doubles draw. During their Round of 16 matches against Glaspool/Heliovaa,ra this unfortunate incident occurred. The German lost control over himself after the customary handshake and slammed his racquet repeatedly against the chair umpire’s seat. He came very close to hitting the office but didn’t show any signs of remorse. He continued to shout at the umpire.

German Alexander Zverev is the next big name after Rafael Nadal, who has confirmed his participation in the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro tournament that will be held at the end of this month.
Alexander Zverev

Zverev was angered by an umpiring call that didn’t go in his favor. The scoreline was 8-6 in the tie break when the German felt the ball should have been called ‘out’ but it was not. He started hurling abuses at the chair umpire in rage. Zverev and Melo eventually lost the match 6-2, 4-6, 6-10.

Soon after the match, the tournament authorities made an official statement on Twitter, “Due to unsportsmanlike conduct after the doubles match, Alexander Zverev has been withdrawn from the tournament in Acapulco.” Zverev was scheduled to play his singles match but couldn’t take part any further due to the disqualification.

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