Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo joins the tournament! Patch v1.03.01 is coming April 2nd



Is Eddy coming to Tekken 8? What’s the new content for the next patch update? Find out everything about Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo, patch notes, and more.

Tekken 8 is a fighting adventure game with mind-blowing features and content. With new heroes, players can dominate the fighting arena in the online mode and tournaments. With regular updates, there will be new DLC, bug fixes, and locations. The latest patch update for Tekken 8 is out with lots of new content.

Tekken 8 patch update v1.03.01 will feature the new character, Eddy Gordo, in the tournament. Year 1 pass will be able to access the character from April 1, 2024 and others can add from April 5, 2024. The new update features lots of in-game items and the brand new Tekken Fight Pass as well. Here’s all about Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo, new content and more.

Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo, New Content & More

Tekken 8 patch update for April 2024 has arrived with exciting content. Here are the new changes and additions to v1.03.01,

Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo
  • Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo will be the fighter for the next season. Eddy Gordo’s kit features powerful skills and the best special abilities.
  • In-game items are added to the Tekken Shop.
  • Tekken Fight Pass added to the Tekken Shop and this will include all new content in the game.
  • Bugs are fixed and gameplay will be fast.
  • New features for quick, group, and ranked mode matches are added.
  • The versus screen in Player Match mode will now display when the stage has been randomly selected.
  • Properties or behavior for the moves of fighters are adjusted.
  • Main menu will feature a quit option to exit the match from different sources. 

These are the new content for Tekken 8 that will be valid from April 5, 2024. Players with the playable character year 1 pass will be able to unlock it 72 hours before. The new update also includes weekly missions and daily missions in online game mode. The premium tier includes luxurious rewards and fighters can earn Tekken Coins to purchase items from the shop.

New Items in Tekken 8 Item Shop

Players can purchase the following items from the Tekken Shop once the patch update is released,

  • Yoshimitsu Legacy Skin
  • EDDY GORDO Avatar Skin
  • Cyber Pack 01 & Cyber Pack 02 Costumes

With new content and fighters, Tekken 8 will be exciting. All matches in Tournaments, tournaments, vs mode, arcade quests, and online mode will be available with new features and content once the patch update goes live.

That’s everything you need to know about Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo, features, and more content. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Who Can Play Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 will be launched on Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. The multiplayer fighting game will not be compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just like its predecessor.

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