Talita Roberta Pereira- Charles Oliveira wife, her family, kids and more


Following his exceptional victory at UFC 273, we take a look at Charles Oliveira’s wife, her profession, family, kids and more

Charles Oliveira has been on a remarkable 11 fight win streak, and he demolished Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 with a first-round rear-naked choke finish. Charles Oliveria is the true embodiment of what a switch in mindset can do to your career. With 16 submissions and 19 finishes, Oliveira has the record for being the most dangerous finisher inside the octagon, but ‘Do Bronx’ wasn’t always this threatening.

Charles Oliveira claims he would knock out Poirier and McGregor
Charles Oliveira

Even former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier took notice of his career revival, and asked President Dana White what happened to Charles? It is safe to say that Charles is operating entirely different than he was, and there’s a change in his demeanor, personality, his mindset, and approach to the actual fight itself. He is one of the few complete fighters in the UFC roaster today.

Many have voiced that two or three more victories would cement Charles Oliveira as the true lightweight ‘GOAT’, by dethroning Khabib Nurmagomedov. Both fighters have a humdinger and unprecedented legacy, but it is noteworthy to mention that Charles Oliveira has beaten Khabib’s opponents quicker and faster than him. A third-degree black belt in jiu-jitsu, Oliveira made his UFC debut back in 2010 against Darren Elkins and won the fight by submission. He was then pegged back with back-to-back losses against Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone.

In 2012, Oliveira moved to the featherweight division and earned decent success there as well, before a poor run of form during 2015 and 2016 led him to get back to the LW division.

And since returning to the lightweight division in 2017, Oliveira just has one loss, against Paul Felder in the same year. He is now on an incredible streak of 9 wins, which has eventually led him to a title.

A lot of this credit for his strength goes to his wife Roberta Perira, who has been a rock-solid and unshakable support for Charles. The pair have been together for years and she has seen his growth not only as a fighter, but also as a person.

Talita Roberta Pereira profession

“Do Bronx” is married to his long-time love interest Talita Roberta Pereira. The couple exchanged their vows on the 15th of Feb 2014 and are happily been together ever since. Talita belongs from the same city or locality as Charles. And just like her husband, she too is from a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background and is currently training/teaching at the Centro de Treinamento Charles Oliveira Gold Team. She is the President of Insitututo Charles Do Bronx. She has over 7000 followers on Instagram.

In addition to that, Talita is also working at Hospital Casa de Saúde Guarujá, although her role is unknown at the time. In a very wholesome message, Charles professed his love. “I finally won and now I am going to marry the woman who’s been with me since day one. It will improve and add more value to our life. Today’s victory will help me in the wedding and also on my honeymoon.”

Talita Roberta Pereira kids

Charles and Roberta have a beautiful little girl by the name of Tayla Oliveira. Tayla is Charles and Talita’s only daughter and they are all very close and loving. Oliveira posts pictures of his daughter on his social media from time to time.

While Charles is off for his fights in the UFC, his wife Talita and his daughter Tayla stay home and wish the best for him.

Although it may not seem ideal, Charles Oliveira’s Family has truly done well for themselves and found success in life. They have dealt through countless adversity and hardships and come out of them victorious. This is also one of the reasons why Charles is so loved by the fans- because his story is inspirational, and motivates them.

FAQs about Roberta Pereira

Who is Charles Oliveira’s wife?

Charles Oliveira’s wife is Talita Roberta Pereira.

When did Charles Oliveira marry Talita Roberta Pereira?

Charles Oliveira married Talita Roberta Pereira in 2014.

How many children do Charles Oliveira and Talita Roberta Pereira have?

Charles Oliveira and Talita Roberta Pereira have one daughter – Tayla Oliveira.

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