Tales of Grimm Tier List – April 2022


Here is our complete Tales of Grimm Tier List where you can find the best characters in the game.

Tales of Grimm, a game based on well-known fairy tales from throughout the world, even has the setting Land of Oz, which will remind players of a certain story. The game follows Dreamers as they attempt to free the Land of Oz from the shadow of black magic, which has turned all of its inhabitants into demons.

The game itself is unique in some ways, one of which is that the majority of the heroes with whom you will be fighting originate from well-known stories. Here is our tier list of Tales of Grimm characters based on their stats and skills to help you decide who to include in your party.

Tales of Grimm Heroes (Play Store)
Tales of Grimm Heroes (Play Store)

Tales of Grimm Tier List

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that this Tales of Grimm tier list is merely my opinion of the best characters. You may believe that some characters belong in a higher tier while others belong in a lower tier. That’s fine because you can still have a good time with these Tales of Grimm tier characters.

You can choose from a large number of characters in the game. And when you have so many characters to choose from in a game, it’s inevitable that some will be stronger than others. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a tier list guide for Tales of Grimm. It will assist you in identifying and selecting strong characters from each class, such as Guardians, Warriors, Mage, and Support.

SPrince Charm, Shahryar, Cindy, Wonder Allish, Miss Conch, Mad Granny, Maid Sophie,
ALarissa, Blade Gina, Red Queen, Dark Queen, Glade Laddin, Yuri Schnee Nightmare Ella, Nesy, Dottie, Bunny Bride, Queen Lilith, Raven Irene, Dark Knight, Triton
BGenie Cuya, Federn, Britney, Raven Maal, Carabosse, Cindy’s Stepmother, Thumboy, Bremen, Quasi Mortal, Princess Paeya, Wukong, Fencer Pedro, Quickcut Pinno
CSwift Ali, Rouge Jack, Lil Prince, Lettucera, Thumbelina, Goddess Bella, Wicked Hag, Emerald Mage, Bean Sage, Prince Adam, Princess Ophelia,
DGerde, Madman Gatton, Hans in Luck, Hookhand, Anne

Tales of Grimm Warrior Tier List

SPrince Charm, Blade Gina
ARed Queen, Yuri Schnee, Dark Queen, Glade Laddin
BFencer Pedro, Wukong, Rouge Jack, Quickcut Pinno
CLil Prince, Swift Ali, Prince Adam
DPrincess Ophelia, Madman Gatton, Gerde

Tales of Grimm Mage Tier List

SCindy, Wonder Allish
AQueen Lilith, Bunny Bride, Raven Irene
BCarabosse, Cindy’s Stepmother, Britney, Raven Maal
CGoddess Bella, Wicked Hag, Emerald Mage, Anne

Tales of Grimm Guardian Tier List

AQuasi Mortal, Dark Knight, Triton
BFedern, Genie Cuya, Bean Sage
CHans in Luck, Hookhand

Tales of Grimm Support Tier List

SMiss Conch, Maid Sophie, Mad Granny
ALarissa, Nesy, Nightmare Ella
BThumboy, Dottie, Bremen
CLettucera, Princess Paeya, Thumbelina

Dark Knight

Dark Knight is a tank that attacks from the front. While he lacks the typical defensive and support talents found in guardians, he compensates by being able to inflict Curse, a status disease that does damage after two rounds and can be stacked.

Tales of Grimm
Tales of Grimm


Triton can use Taunt and gives priority to enemy warrior troops. Against warrior troops, the likelihood of inflicting taunt is increased. His ULT allows him to shield an ally with the greatest ATK by receiving 50% of the damage they take and eliminating all debuffs on the protected teammate.


Shahryar is a solid guardian with offensive and HP-scaling abilities. He possesses a self-healing skill that is dependent on his maximum HP number, and any overheal is converted to a Healing Shield. This barrier absorbs damage equivalent to the amount of overhealing. His ULT may damage front and mid row enemies, regardless of their DMG relief or DEF stats, and has a high probability of inflicting the Burning status effect, which causes them to lose HP for a few rounds.

Tales of Grimm Gameplay
Tales of Grimm Gameplay

Quasi Mortal

Quasi Mortal is a fantastic guardian with the ability to auto-revive. His ULT inflicts damage and has a chance to cause Burning while also healing him significantly. He also has a passive that allows him to inflict Flaming, which causes the attackers to lose a part of their HP dependent on QM’s maximum HP. Finally, we have his auto-revive passive, which allows him to resurrect with a percentage of his HP restored and damage resistance for a few turns.

Tales of Grimm is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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