Taecyeon’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023 


Taecyeon is currently dating a non-celebrity with whom he has been in a relationship for four years.

Taecyeon’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023  2

Ok Taecyeon is commonly known as Taecyeon.

He was born on December 27, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up in a family that valued education, and his early life was marked by a strong focus on academics and sports.

Taecyeon pursued a degree in business administration at Dankook University, and during his college years, he was scouted by a talent agency. This led to his involvement in the K-pop industry as a member of the popular boy band 2 PM.

Taecyeon’s charisma and talent as a singer and actor have contributed to his success in both the music and entertainment industries, and he is known for his versatile roles in Korean television dramas and variety shows.

Owing to society’s judgment against idols dating outside the entertainment industry, Ok Taecyeon has never hesitated to display public affection with his girlfriend. Even during his military service commitment and normalcy as an ordinary couple was demonstrated.

Although his agency 51K had taken precautions not to reveal her identity, many fans were able to spot who the lucky lady was from a post by Ok on social media.

Ok Taecyeon’s Girlfriend

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon recently confirmed reports that he is dating a non-celebrity. His partner of choice is an office professional whom they have been dating for four years!

Even with their busy schedules, Ok Taecyeon and Sohee remain close, spending much time together as well as sharing many sweet moments online. Their commitment is admirable; during Ok Taecyeon’s military service a friend revealed how she still waited for him just as she would any ordinary couple and this showed just how deep their love ran.

Though they prefer keeping their relationship private, they’re not afraid to show affection and often stroll hand-in-hand in public. We wish this beautiful couple all of the best and hope that they continue growing closer as time goes on; their future certainly appears promising! So stay tuned for updates regarding this captivating couple!

Taecyeon’s Girlfriend Age

Taecyeon was born December 27th 1988 and has garnered worldwide fame since. As both an actor and singer he first came to fame as part of boy band 2PM but now acts in multiple television dramas and is also an entrepreneur who runs his own clothing line.

The celebrity has a large scar on his arm from being fractured during arm wrestling with Junho from their band. He is an avid horror movie enthusiast and frequently rides roller coasters; in an interview he once mentioned that his ideal date would be one who loves food!

Taecyeon was raised in America but remains deeply passionate about Korean culture and shows, boasting an avid following on social media as well as being known for his kindness to fans. Currently dating a non-celebrity girl he met through work, they’ve been seen together on dates and outings that have caught public and media interest.

Taecyeon’s Girlfriend Height

Seohyun shared on Knowing Bros that she once dated a celebrity. Though their relationship was short-lived, she revealed that it left her sad when they split. Even so, Seohyun remains close to both Taeyeon and others at her agency.

Astrologically speaking, Ok Taec-yeon was born December 27th 1988 in Seoul South Korea and attended Bedford High School before enrolling at Dankook University to study business.

Taecyeon is an avid fitness enthusiast, regularly working out both solo and with trainers. In his free time he loves playing sports and spending time with his friends. Taecyeon also takes great pleasure in exploring Korean culture through watching dramas and movies he finds intriguing, as well as engaging in social media activities on Instagram (he currently has over 3 million followers) and Twitter (almost 4 million).

Taecyeon’s Girlfriend Weight

Ok Taecyeon is an accomplished member of 2PM, the popular K-Pop boyband. As well as being part of this collective, he also acts in Korean drama Dream High and holds an impressive portfolio as global marketing brand CEO.

Taecyeon credits his physique to rigorous training sessions and weightlifting sessions. He’s widely credited with popularizing the “jimseung-dol” or beast idol phenomenon and has appeared on a variety of television programs such as Mnet’s Hot Blood Men and Family Outing Season 2.

On the July 3 episode of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Taecyeon revealed his romantic relationship with an anonymous girl outside the celebrity realm. They are regularly seen out together on dates. Additionally, Taecyeon has revealed that his non-celebrity girlfriend also works as a fitness trainer – she has helped him shape up over years to attain his sculpted body while she remains one of the fittest women in Korea! Not only has she earned rave reviews as an exercise instructor but she’s got skills when it comes to fashion – she designs clothing lines!

Full NameOk Taecyeon
Date of BirthDecember 27, 1988
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
ProfessionSinger, Actor, Entrepreneur
Claim to FameMember of 2PM, Successful Actor
Relationship StatusDating a non-celebrity
HobbiesFitness, sports, exploring Korean culture
Social MediaActive on Instagram and Twitter

Dating History

Ok Taecyeon is currently dating a non-celebrity with whom he has been in a relationship for four years. They maintain a close and affectionate bond, often seen together in public, sharing sweet moments online.


Ok Taecyeon’s girlfriend is a non-celebrity office professional. They have been in a relationship for four years, showing a deep and admirable commitment to each other. While they prefer to keep their relationship private, they are not hesitant to show affection and enjoy spending time together.


Ok Taecyeon, a well-known member of 2PM and a successful actor, is in a loving relationship with a non-celebrity girlfriend. Their commitment and affection for each other are evident in public appearances and social media updates.

Taecyeon is currently dating a non-celebrity with whom he has been in a relationship for four years.