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Are you trying to find the T3 Arena Daimon guide? Below is all the information you require, including skills and advice to make the most out of his character:

You can play as your favourite Heroes in a variety of modes in the third-person, three-on-three team shooting game T3 Arena. In these different game modes, you compete with other Heroes to accomplish unique objectives unique to each type of game style.

Daimon is a genetically modified human who, after escaping from an underground lab, turns to life as a mercenary. T3 Arena Daimon is a back-row DPS (Damage Per Second) hero who is known for her explosive damage-dealing skills. She is armed with a lethal Wrath Cannon.

T3 Arena Daimon
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T3 Arena Daimon Abilities:

T3 Arena Daimon
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Greedy Leap

Greedy Leap propels T3 Arena Daimon forward at a fixed angle, with a visible projected flight path. Upon landing, Daimon hovers above the ground, gaining extra damage reduction. This state can be exited at any time by pressing the ability again. Besides attacking, Greedy Leap serves as a swift relocation tool, making it versatile on the battlefield. Check out the T3 Arena Neon Guide.

Wrath Cannon

T3 Arena Daimon uses the Wrath Cannon, a powerful weapon whose scoped feature necessitates careful placement. Daimon’s movement speed is slowed down when scoped in, and the process of scoping in and out takes time. On the other hand, this position makes it possible to fire continuously, dealing enormous damage from a distance. A single tap of the shoot button causes it to scope in; to unscope, click the cancel button or hold down the shoot button.

Glutton Beam

From T3 Arena Daimon’s current position, Glutton Beam emits a light beam that gradually widens. At first, enemies can move around or jump over it to avoid it, but as it spreads, enemies get scattered and their ranks become chaotic. When combined with the gravity field of Lazy Bomb, Glutton Beam turns into a lethal weapon that makes it difficult for enemies to escape.

Lazy Bomb

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A lazy bomb’s trajectory can be seen when it is deployed, making precise targeting possible. It is a powerful counter against aerial enemies because it damages enemies in its path and creates a gravitational field that slows down, stops enemies from jumping, and pulls them toward the ground when it explodes.

Instructions on how to use T3 Arena Damion


  • To get the most out of the Wrath Cannon, keep T3 Arena Daimonin in the rear row.
  • Greedy Leap can be used for swift movement in order to stay at a safe distance or locate advantageous locations from which to launch attacks.
  • Use a Glutton Beam to scatter and deal a lot of damage after using a Lazy Bomb to control and cluster enemies.
  • Additionally, this combo works well with the damage or area control abilities of other heroes.

Coordination of the Team:

  • To take advantage of the chaos and control Daimon can bring to the battlefield, make sure you work closely with your teammates.
  • Her skills can pave the way for group combos that deal a cascade of damage and control to adversaries.

T3 Arena Daimon traverses the battlefield with the grace of a dancer, leaping and flying with ease, even though she is carrying that heavy weapon. Not only that but her abilities are made to disperse or paralyze opponents, giving her a competitive advantage.

Our character guides for Neon and Kazama are also available for players to peruse. The latest version of T3 Arena is 1.42.2015089, which was last updated on January 31, 2024. You can update the app on the App Store (iOS), and Google Play (Android). Consider this T3 Arena Kazama guide.

Is T3 Arena available on PC?

T3 Arena, coming from the developer XinDong Entertainment Pte Ltd, has been running on the Android system in the past. Now, You can play T3 Arena on PC with GameLoop smoothly. Just enjoy T3 Arena PC on the large screen for free!

Is T3 Arena F2P friendly?

T3 Arena promised a F2P-friendly game. 

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