T-Bar adds another WWE Hall of Famer who won’t be attacked by Retribution due to name


T-Bar has now added a second WWE star who won’t be attacked by Retribution due to an “incredible” name

Retribution member T-Bar has become extremely active on social media in recent weeks. His reveal on this week’s show wasn’t all that great but he is making a mark on Twitter, at least.

Dominik Dijakovic is the man behind the mask, and he has taken shots at Batman character, Bane. His mask looks similar to that of the supervillain, but he claims to be better than him.

Retribution showing off their logo
Retribution showed off their logo on Raw (WWE)

However, T-Bar has warned WWE of rampant destruction, even to past wrestlers. While Retribution have caused problems ever since they made an appearance a month or so back, there is another star they plan on not attacking.

The first one who was let off was WWE Hall of Famer, X-Pac. T-Bar confirmed that because the former D-X member had a great name, and they named someone else too.

The latest person to get some relief from Retribution is Hall of Famer Booker T. The former WWE Heavyweight champion won several titles across WCW and WWE during his heydays.

He is currently a commentator for WWE and also has his own podcast. However, T-Bar confirmed that they wouldn’t attack him just for an “incredible” name:


Taking the character well

While many WWE fans have called out T-Bar and the rest of the Retribution members as being a little corny, they are taking the characters up really well.

T-Bar and Mace have been hilarious on Twitter but their demeanour changes once they are in the ring. For all the fun and games online, they are super serious in the ring and were in action on last week’s Raw.

T-bar confirmed that Booker T is another name Retribution will not attack
Booker T is a WWE Hall of Famer (WWE)

Things didn’t go as planned for them but there is no doubt Retribution will cause a lot of problems in the coming days.

They also have a couple of female members in Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez, and it will be interesting to see what they could be up to.

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