System Shock Sale – You Can Get System Shock with the new Patch 1.2 for Less Right Now!



The new System Shock patch update version is live. Find out the new updates and gameplay changes. Also, the System Shock sale is live at a huge discount.

System Shock is a space exploration and first-person fighting adventure. A riveting horror thriller game and a remake of the same name from 1994 has beautiful visuals, haunting background score,s and gripping stories. The story takes place in the Citadel Station where players have to defeat the dangerous AI villain, Shodan.

The entire crew in Citadel Station has been transformed into cyborgs and mutants by Shodan as she’s greedy and hungry for everything on earth. Before Shodan transforms the earth, you have to join forces with the army and explore the space station to tussle against her. The new patch update and events are out for System Shock.

System Shock Sale and Patch Update 1.2

System Shock patch update version 1.2 is live. Also, the new System Shock sale is live and players can purchase the game at 55% sale between April 11 to April 25, 2024. The entire Citadel Station has been renewed along with Shodan.

System Shock sale

System Shock patch update comes with new content, bug fixes and more. A female hacker has been added and Shodan learns from the 1st forays to take her down. Players can access the new System Shock female hacker and customize its avatar and appearance from the game’s configuration screen. 

The final fight in System Shock is reworked with lots of new mechanics and you can tussle against her in her new cyberspace domain. Cloud sync and Cloud saves will be available in the new update of System Shock. Players can continue their game’s progress on any machine.

System Shock Patch 1.2 – New Changes

  • Credits will be available in the title screen
  • Alpha Strain enemies will have a new attack
  • Game Over screen can be skipped
  • Avian Mutant enemies will have a new attack
  • Max Payout from a recycle station will be 120 credits
  • Cyborg Diego gets a new movement option
  • Items dropped inside  elevators will not disappear
  • Fixed a case where the player was able to clip through the world by loading games while crouched
  • Detox patch will have a 25% protection bonus against environment hazards while active

That’s everything you need to know about System Shock sale, patch update 1.2, and gameplay changes. The massive price drop provides an opportunity for System Shock players to explore the game’s stunning content.


Is there any offer for System Shock 2023?

Yes, the new steam sale features System Shock at 55% offer. Fans can utilize this opportunity and buy the game at a massive discount.

Who Can Play System Shock?

System Shock, the horror action adventure is available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux and macOS.

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