Here is our Super String Tier List. Find out which are the best characters in the game using our tier list and guide.

Super String is an action-packed mobile RPG with stunning visuals and a lengthy campaign mode to complete. If you’re interested, there’s also a plot to follow, but the big attraction is assembling the ultimate fighters and unleashing them on your enemies. You can also check out our Figure Fantasy Tier List and Rage of Destiny Tier List.

Our Super String tier list will come in handy if you enjoy mobile RPGs with large, diverse character rosters. There are over 100 unique characters to try out along your journey, so there are plenty of team compositions to try out. With so much choice comes a certain amount of uncertainty, so we’ve broken down the agents by tier to help you decide who to take into turn-based combat with you.

Super String Tier List

S Tier

As previously said, the S tier of this Super String list contains the game’s best characters. These agents provide the best results as well as impressive statistics. They are incredibly useful and will speed up your progress through the game.

  • Yohan
  • Oh Sejeong
  • Seokhwan
  • Jeon Youngha
  • Kawooka
  • Ajitae
  • Red Swan
  • Hasty
  • Yak
  • Cornelia
  • Ha Siwoo
  • Kang Haneul
  • Munsu
  • An Boyoung
  • Brillheart
  • Yun Bitnara
  • Lilia
  • Won Miho
  • Veronika
  • Suho Kang
  • Kanghyeon

A Tier

In Super String, the A-list characters deliver some outstanding performances. These agents have excellent numbers and are also extremely capable with their skills. They do, however, have a few flaws, and as a result, they narrowly miss out on a berth in the S tier. With that being said, the impact and influence of these agents in Super String cannot be overstated.

  • Ikho
  • Shin Heyool
  • Leonard Shin
  • Jin Suho
  • Mamia
  • Kaira
  • Diana
  • Wonsul
  • Back Ryong
  • Kira
  • Lim Hanrim
  • Sando
  • Min Jungwoo
  • Wonhyo
  • Van
  • Jyu
  • Kang Suki
  • TaeYu
  • Cha Yerin
  • Catalina
super string strategy
Strategize and defeat your opponents

B Tier

Agents in the B tier might be thought of as being in the middle of the tier list. These characters are neither the finest nor the worst in the game. At their finest, these agents are somewhere between mediocre and good. They have some of the same skills as their higher-tiered counterparts. However, their flaws and drawbacks put them at a disadvantage, preventing them from rising higher on this list.

  • Lee Baeksu
  • Bangia
  • Jang Deokman
  • Kim Han
  • Kim Bong Chun
  • Kang Seonghyeon
  • Mago
  • Marlene
  • MyoWol
  • Miss Hwang
  • Yeongsil
  • Kwae Tacheon
  • Elimona
  • Allen Harmon
  • McMahon
  • PyeongGang
  • Mito
  • Hong Kildong
  • Kuku
  • Sung Mina
  • Yuuitae

C Tier

Characters of the C-tier are simply average. They don’t have anything to brag about and don’t give much in the way of assistance. If you plan to upgrade quickly, using these characters is appropriate. However, we urge that you focus your efforts on the game’s higher-tier agents for everything else.

  • Guardian
  • CRF Soldier
  • Witch Clown
  • Mob Member
  • Don
  • Captain of CRF
  • Silver Goblin
  • Gold Goblin
  • CRF Sniper
  • CRF Grenadier
  • Suspicious Scientist
  • CRF Medic
  • CRF Bomber
  • Mad Scientist
  • Demon Clown
  • Dolseok
  • Meyer
  • Samus
  • Ponzol
  • Rotevick
  • RoyalGuard
  • Yamaha
  • Lee Hyeonseong
  • Uchida Kyouichi
  • Jenan
  • Kang Huijae
  • Sugal
  • Eddy
  • Aikawa
  • Lou
  • Cheol
  • Phoenix
  • Spelta Soldier
  • Beechler
3D heroes in Super String
Full 3D Cinematics in Super String

D Tier

This Super String list’s D tier has the game’s worst agents. We do not recommend that you utilize them because they provide little to no assistance and are hence practically useless.

  • Reaper Seeker
  • Tutee Reaper
  • Phantom Knight
  • Khersa
  • Phantom Reaper
  • Yoersa
  • Slindier Scytheman
  • Slindier Spearman
  • Haunted Girl
  • Hanted Boy
  • Wraith Assassin
  • Haunted Assassin
  • Sweeper

This was our Super String Tier List. You can select the best characters in the game using our Tier List. Select your characters based on the overall strength of your team. Make sure you have characters that have different advantages and can cover each others’ weaknesses. You can download Super String from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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