Super Bowl LVI: How to setup a Super Bowl squares pool



Super Bowl LVI is just a few hours away and here is an easy way to setup a squares pool 

The NFL Super Bowl is one of the biggest sport games in the world and is a great occasion to have some fun with friends.

This game is watched by millions across the world and more often than not, big bets are placed on who the winners could be.

The 2022 edition of the Super Bowl will be played between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams.

Super Bowl 2022 Location venue date
Super Bowl LVI

Not many predicted these teams to be playing for the title. This just adds more unpredictability to the big game and that in turn also could lead to some crazy betting patterns.

While the Rams are the slight favourites coming into the game, anything can happen. Some supporters might not be keen on spending huge bucks on betting, so a Super Bowl squares pool could be the answer.

This is a fun game that can be played and normally the buy-in rate is just $2 per square. However, how do you set up a squares pool?

Easy steps to set up a Super Bowl squares pool 

The first step is creating a sheet. This can be done via hand or using a spreadsheet on your computer.

The X-axis features the name of one team and the Y-axis the other. Then there are 10 rows and columns which have to be filled in which should be between 0-9, which refers to the scores that a team might attain.

However, the numbering of the rows and columns should be at random, since people betting might pick the numbers 0, 3 and 7 since these are the biggest probabilities in a football game for a team to score.

There should be 100 squares in the finished squares pool and look something like this. 

Super Bowl squares pool
This is what a random squares pool should look like

The next step is to get the bets in and populate the 100 squares. 

Getting the bets in 

The numbers on the X and Y axis determine what the score could be at the end of each quarter. Ideally, you could play four iterations of the squares pool and give more chances for everyone to win.

The split of the prize money could be 20% for each of the first three quarters and 40% for the final score after the fourth quarter. 

Each person who bets on a certain score would have their name placed in the appropriate box. So if Alex bets on the Rams not scoring in the first quarter and the Bengals getting 7, his name would be placed as shown below.

Screenshot 2022 02 13 at 6.15.16 PM
Alex with his prediction for the squares pool

Of course, this only takes in the units digit for scoring. So if the score is 19-7 in favour of the Rams in the first quarter, then George would have won that round of the squares pool.

Screenshot 2022 02 13 at 6.30.14 PM
Multiple names on a squares pool

However, in square pools, you cannot select which tile to pick. These are handed out at random otherwise everyone would want to take up the 0,3 and 7 tiles.

If you can’t fill the squares up with 100 different people, interested parties could pick up more than square to populate the sheet.

Super Bowl LVI is gearing up to be another exciting football match, and it will be interesting to see which team comes out on top.