Return of Street Fighter 6 M Bison: Release Date and Gameplay Revealed


Guess who’s back? Street Fighter 6 M Bison returns. When is the fighter releasing and what are the gameplay details? Let’s find out.

Set to premiere on June 26, 2024, the legendary villain M. Bison is making his great comeback in Street Fighter 6. Respected for his intimidating presence and relentless pursuit of power, Bison is back with a vengeance prepared to rule the arena once more. Let’s explore what makes his return so exciting and what you might anticipate from his redesigned gameplay.

What’s New in Year 2 of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6’s Year 2 will produce an amazing roster of characters. Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from the venerable Fatal Fury series join the fray as well as the energetic Elena from Street Fighter III and IV. But stealing the show is none other than M Bison, the fan-favorite dictator whose psycho-powered moves are ready to wipe his enemies.

What Happened to Street Fighter 6 M Bison After Street Fighter V?

M. Bison’s fate appeared set after his seeming loss to Ryu in Street Fighter V. But in Metro City’s back lanes, an enigmatic man wakes without memories and a ravenous need for power. Finding the Ruined Lab, the name “Bison” echoes through its barren hallways, signifying the return of the once-fearsful tyrant. Bison’s comeback is set up by this fascinating past, which gives his already complicated character layers.

How Has M. Bison’s Gameplay Evolved?

Street Fighter 6 M Bison gameplay
Street Fighter 6 M Bison gameplay

Fans of Street Fighter 6 M Bison will find his gameplay both familiar and refreshingly new. His classic moves like Psycho Crusher and Double Knee Press are back, maintaining his pressure game against grounded opponents. 

However, his approach from the skies has dramatically changed. His new move, Shadow Rise, is a high-reaching jump with two follow-ups: the iconic Head Press and Devil Reverse. These aerial attacks can be altered mid-air, keeping opponents guessing and on their toes.

What’s the Deal with Psycho Mines?

A significant addition to M. Bison’s arsenal is the Psycho Mines, introduced through his Backfist Combo move. Once attached, these mines detonate after a short time or can be triggered by another hit from Bison. This adds a strategic layer to his gameplay, allowing him to make certain moves safe on block or gain an advantage. The threat of a Psycho Mine forces opponents to rethink their approach, adding a psychological edge to Bison’s combat style.

What Are M. Bison’s Super Arts?

The return of Street Fighter 6 M Bison wouldn’t be complete without some devastating Super Arts. Here’s a breakdown of his powerful finishers:

Level 1 Super Art: Knee Press Nightmare

A series of crushing blows aimed at the opponent’s legs, invincible on start-up, making it a reliable counter-attack.

Level 2 Super Art: Psycho Punisher

This Super Art launches opponents into the air with a powerful shockwave, perfect for punishing projectiles. Bison can control the distance of his jump, adding versatility to this move.

Level 3 Super Art: Unlimited Psycho Crusher

The ultimate display of power, Bison rushes towards his opponent, smashing them into the ground with devastating strength. This move is sure to end fights in spectacular fashion.

Can You Recognize M. Bison’s Classic Look?

Inspired by M. Bison’s iconic dictator outfit from Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, series aficionados will be delighted to see M. Bison’s Outfit 2. This sentimental attire accentuates the thrill of his comeback and pays homage to his long-time supporters.

The Street Fighter community has been quite supportive of Street Fighter 6, and the creators really appreciate it. From hours of game streaming, tournament participation, amazing fan art creation, and cosplaying, the passion is clear-cut. The buzz is only intensifying in Year 2 with the arrival of Street Fighter 6 M Bison and other legendary characters.

Join the Fight with Street Fighter 6 M Bison!

The historic return of Street Fighter 6 M Bison promises fresh thrills and challenges. His revised moveset, fascinating backstory, and strong Super Arts equip him to take back his position as the ultimate villain. Once more, M. Bison will help you unleash turmoil and rule the arena.

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