“Still playing PS5 at 02:00 am” – Paulo Costa shares a meme with Cris Cyborg in it


UFC middleweight fighter posted a funny picture on Twitter with a PlayStation 5 reference

Paulo Costa has transformed into a Twitter sensation in recent times, and the fans have acclimated themselves with this new approach. The Brazilian is often seen taking funny digs at fighters, engaging with others from the roaster, and posting situational references to trending topics.

Paulo Costa is undefeated in his UFC career
Paulo Costa looks on from the side of the octagon in the first round during their Middleweight Bout at UFC 241 (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Borrachinha had even launched a meme competition on his Twitter page, with the winner receiving a $2,000 prize.

A while ago Costa took to his Twitter to officially announce the competition. The winnings were offered to be split between four winners.

“Doing a meme competition with a $2000 giveaway split between 4 winners – all you have to do is post your best meme under this post, follow @marshallinu_ & subscribe to their YouTube where I will announce the winners on Thursday.”

Yesterday he posted a meme on Twitter that featured current Bellator and former UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg with a hilarious reference. The post read, ‘When your wife called you to bed and you still playing PS5 at 02:00 am’

‘I will pray for your soul’- Paulo Costa reacts to Sean Strickland’s account getting suspended

Sean Strickland who is well known to speak from the shoulder has emerged as quite a ‘Tweleb‘ in recent times. Apart from being entertaining inside the cage, Strickland is known for his obdurate and callous personality. However many have criticized his behavior and called him homophobic.

He often crosses the line when it comes to his hateful comments on the state of affairs, and matters of homosexuality.

In wake of the recent shooting at a school in Texas, he posted a tweet stating that it is cowardly to pull out a gun when confronted. He wrote, “‘I have a gun on me, you wouldn’t try to fight me,’ let me stop you there, I don’t try to fight anyone,” Strickland said. “If you run your mouth I give you an option to be a man and step up….If your go to is ‘grab my gun’ you’re a little bitch and the problem with the world. Pussy!!!”

He added, “I just gotta say countries that don’t have gun ownership [as] a human right really are pathetic,” Strickland said. “‘Germany hasn’t had a mass shooting’, ‘England doesn’t have mass shooting’, blah blah you also don’t have fucking men either so enjoy it you nutless trannies. That is all goodbye.”

The Twitter team had seen enough of these tirades and decided to act on it by suspending Sean Strickland’s account.

Paulo Costa and Sean Strickland have gone back and forth on several occasions in the past through rhetorical comments, and insulting tweets. It was inevitable that Costa would jump on the opportunity to take a quick dig at his Twitter nemesis.

He posted a tweet reacting to the news by saying, ‘I will pray for your soul’

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