Kevin Durant brutally trolled his former Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr by responding to Draymond Green’s tweet.

It wouldn’t be appropriate if Draymond Green stopped posting on social media for a few days. The Golden State Warriors forward thought aloud that comparing teams from various periods was silly and what he wrote shortly later is what really infuriated most NBA fans. Green said that his 2017 squad would have defeated the 1998 Chicago Bulls and destroyed the Utah Jazz by 40 points in the same phrase.

Green is one of the most astute players who can use the media, therefore he is well aware of what he is doing. When he urged everyone to put their disagreements over what he said to rest under the banner of “The New Media,” a term he established, he added fuel to the fire.

It was just a matter of time until Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant, the NBA player with the most Twitter activity, took note. Durant did not choose a team, but the next morning he responded angrily.

What a way to discredit your previous coach. Even though it was all in good humour, it’s amusing that Durant brought up how Kerr used to target himself while playing with the Bulls.


As a player and a coach, Kerr participated in the apex of the Chicago and Golden State clubs. He helped Michael Jordan solidify his position as one of the finest by helping the Bulls win three championships between 1996 and 1998.

Kerr was largely used for his shooting when he was on the floor. To get a better matchup, teams increasingly want to swap lesser defenders with the attacking player carrying the ball. Therefore, Kerr would have been exposed to the point where he may have been benched, therefore Durant is correct.

And while the results of those impossible-to-predict games will remain hypothetical, it’s good to know Durant still gets along with the group of players he shared two Larry O’Brien championships with. Where the two-time Finals MVP will play, though, is a very other matter.

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