Steelo Brim’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023 


He is currently in a relationship with Alahna Jade.

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Steelo Brim’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023  2

Steelo Brim was born on June 5, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

He was raised in a family that supported his creative aspirations. Steelo developed an early interest in the entertainment field.

His career took off when he moved to Los Angeles and began working as a co-host and comedian on the popular MTV show “Ridiculousness,” alongside Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast.

Steelo Brim’s witty humour and engaging presence have made him a prominent figure in the world of comedy and television hosting.

He continues to be a well-known face in the entertainment industry.

Steelo Brim is an established television personality best known for his bold commentary in MTV’s comedy clip show Ridiculousness. A Chicago native with 5 feet 8 inches in height, Steelo embodies style with his 5′ 8″ frame and striking physical attributes.

He has had relationships with numerous women and was engaged to Conna Walker; however, their engagement did not last long.

Alahna Jade

Alahna and Steelo enjoy a strong relationship and are deeply committed. They have been together for an extended period, posting frequent updates about one another on social media and attending events together. Alahna also shares Zayn from an earlier relationship and considers Steelo to be like a father figure to him.

Although they haven’t exchanged vows yet, this couple are already seen as an engaged couple and regularly exchange I love yous on Instagram posts. Additionally, they attend public events together and look happy and in love at every turn.

Prior to Alahna Jade, Brim was engaged to British fashion designer Conna Walker. However, their engagement eventually broke off without explanation; although Steelo recovered quickly after this and began dropping hints on Twitter about a possible new lover.

Conna Walker

Steelo Brim is in a relationship with an attractive woman named Conna Walker, an established fashion designer whose designs have been worn by many celebrities and whose own fashion line, House of CB. These two have formed an extremely close bond and often post pictures together on their respective social media pages as well as celebrating special events together such as Valentine’s Day or birthdays together.

The couple are proud parents to an infant son named Zyan and are very attentive in providing him with optimal care and attention. Additionally, they remain deeply in love and often post charming photos from their relationship on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Social media influencer is active on Instagram with over 1.7 million followers and TikTok followings, and has also made appearances in various television shows – most notably MTV’s comedy clip show Ridiculousness for which he became well-known due to his humorous commentary. He serves as an inspirational figure to many.

Chanel West Coast

American television personality has been seen dating multiple women over time. Though he has yet to make public announcement of their relationship status, Alahana Jade and him have been seen together on multiple occasions, with whom they are believed to be dating since sometime ago and even share one child together.

He has previously been linked with various women, including fashion designer Conna Walker and model Solo Lucci, while it was speculated he might also be dating musician Liam Horne.

Since 2011, Steelo has been a fixture on the MTV program Ridiculousness, alongside Rob Dyrdek. On this show, they critique online videos as part of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Wild Grinders; Steelo even had his own reality series called Steelo’s Kitchen! In addition to appearing in several MTV programs he’s become well known as an actor, comedian and social media influencer with millions of followers due to his funny posts and comments that have proliferated the Internet.

Mary Jean

Steelo Brim is currently dating Alahna Jade, a fashion blogger and social media influencer. They share a strong bond and often post pictures together on their respective Instagram accounts to demonstrate their affection.

Brim and Jade met through mutual acquaintances and began dating in 2021, though their public debut didn’t occur until March 2022 when Brim posted a picture of himself kissing Jade in Times Square on his social media. Since then, their relationship has remained private although frequently featured on each other’s accounts on social media.

Although Steelo Brim has never tied the knot, he was briefly engaged to fashion designer Conna Walker for one year before proposing. Unfortunately, their engagement did not last; within six months of being engaged they deleted most tweets pertaining to each other and split apart; reasons are currently unknown for why this occurred; shortly thereafter Brim began dating Jade as soon as his breakup from Walker had occurred.

PersonCurrent StatusNotable Relationships
Steelo BrimIn a relationship with Alahna JadeWas previously engaged to Conna Walker
Alahna JadeIn a relationship with Steelo BrimHas a child with Steelo
Conna WalkerPreviously engaged to Steelo BrimEnded engagement after a year

Dating History

Steelo Brim was engaged to Conna Walker, a British fashion designer. However, their engagement ended after a year without a public explanation. He is currently in a relationship with Alahna Jade.


Alahna Jade is Steelo Brim’s current girlfriend. They have been together for an extended period and are often seen attending public events and expressing their love for each other on social media.


Steelo Brim, known for his role in MTV’s Ridiculousness, was briefly engaged to Conna Walker before their engagement ended. He is currently in a relationship with Alahna Jade.