Steam WW2 Games Sale Fest – Which Games Should You Buy?



Do you want to play the best war games? Find out the best deals from the WW2 Games Sale 2024 on steam. 

There are many subgenres in action games. World War games have always been special fans. In World War games, stories take place in different periods and you can use military vehicles and tanks. The new Steam sale in June 2024 features World War II games. Here’s all about WW2 games sale 2024 and the best picks.

WW2 Games Sale on Steam 2024

World War games are not entirely wars and action as you can find the historical events and collect ancient resources as well. Here are the 5 best World War 2 games to purchase from steam sale 2024.

Tank Mechanic Simulator (75%)

Hailed as one of the best World War games, Tank Mechanic Simulator is back on Steam sale. In this simulation game, you can pick tanks and heavy vehicles from Germany, USA and Soviet regions. Apart from combat, your goal is to find abandoned WWII vehicles by using special tools. Vehicles will be hidden underground and you have to extract them.

Once you retrieve a tank, you can renovate it with equipment. The best tools in Tank Mechanic Simulator are Hammer, Paint Gun, Rust Removal Tool and Sand Blaster.  To upgrade a tank, you have to remove the tank, de-rust  and sandblast it. Once you renovate tanks, you can store them in a museum or sell them for gold coins.

WW2 Rebuilder (47%)

This realistic simulator world war game takes place in the post-war period in Europe. The story starts in 1945 and you can pick your tanks and kickstart the campaign. While you battle against other nations, you can find out about civilians who fought during previous wars. You can travel to England, Germany and Italy and visit monuments and buildings.

WW2 Rebuilder focuses on challenges like renovation of buildings, abandoned houses and bases. You have to complete tasks, earn resources and craft the strongest tools. With bulldozers, you can clean the environment and you can diffuse bombs as a civilian.


Uboat is a submarine simulator game from Deep Water Studio. Players can pick a German-based Uboat, a Type VII submarine. The goal is to control the submarine and manage the entire crew. Uboat is a survival game and it primarily focuses on German sailors. You have to maintain oxygen level and use devices while exploring seas. To increase the morale level for the crew, players can play music and do other activities.

Easy Red 2 (30%)

Easy Red 2 is another intense world war game. Players can travel on planes and heavy tanks. The weaponry of Easy Red 2 offers cannons and bombs. Also, you can use other explosives. Easy Red 2 has a co-op mode and you can complete tasks together with friends.

WW2 games sale

There are not many turn-based war games. Unity of Command II is a turn-based action game that takes place in locations of world war 2. In this tactical shooter game, players fight against enemies in the Headquarters. You have to manage resource supplies and logistics in the headquarters. The game also has Fog of War and the Theatre Assets are expanded as well. By capturing Stragglers, you can find enemy locations in the headquarters.

What’s Steam WW2 Games Sale Fest 2024?

The Steam WW2 sale features games that take place in the period of World War II. The sale will be available between June 6 – June 11, 2024.

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