Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024- Best Offers


Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 is here In case your enormous backlog of games isn’t quite large enough.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 Overview: As you may remember, Valve declared in 2022 that it would be holding a large annual sale for each of the four seasons in place of its customary Lunar New Year Sale—a move that would make it a Spring Sale instead. However, it shocked us all with a Chinese New Year Sale in 2023. Now, in 2024, the Lunar New Year event has returned, which is surprising once more.

As usual, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 offers discounts on a variety of titles, with an emphasis on Chinese companies. In fact, the sale banner refers to it as “hosted by Steam China,” which is the restricted version of Steam that is permissively accessible to residents of mainland China.

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Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 Background

Steam is having a sale in honor of Steam China’s Lunar New Year celebrations. The Lunar New Year would not be returning after 2023, as Steam has already declared back in 2022. The Spring sale was to essentially take the place of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 event, and instead, we were to have four large seasonal sales each year. Still, it appears that Steam has revived it, offering discounted games in addition to developer broadcasts, demonstrations, and other content.

Some people might not have expected it, but Valve has started a fresh, sizable sale on its platform. While the quantity of bargains offered during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale isn’t as great as it is during the annual Summer or Winter events, it is still rather extensive. Great titles can be added to Steam libraries to provide players something to play until the next major event, which is coming up shortly!

As part of the promotion in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024, Steam has included titles like Richman 11, Warm Snow, and Murder on the Yangtze River in its Annual Selections. On the platform, there are discounts of up to 40% on the games. As part of the Lunar New Year Sale, Steam is also offering Special Offers on a number of titles, with game discounts reaching 80%.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024
Lunar New Year 2024

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 Games

A selection of savings on the whole library of Electronic Arts titles is one of the highlights of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024. You may get Star Wars Jedi Survivor for 50% less if you’ve been looking for a good deal. Limited in your spending? Additionally, NFS Heat Deluxe Edition is available for a staggering 95% less. If you haven’t already, it could be worthwhile to get it now that the price is so low.

There are plenty additional excellent deals available. For instance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III costs $48.99, Subnautica costs $9.89, Sword and Fairy 7 costs $14.99, and Etrian Odyssey HD costs $19.99. There are some that are the best deals around!

There will be more going on during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2024 than just discounts. On Steam, daily awards are also accessible.

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You will now receive a free animated profile frame or six randomly selected animated stickers each day.
To obtain one complimentary random daily reward, click the claim button and check in every day of the sale.

How long is the Steam Sale?

The sale is from Feb 11th to Feb 15th

How many games are for sale?

There are hundreds of games for sale. Please check out the games list on the steam website.

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