Sniper Elite Franchise Sale: Save Big on SE3, SE4, SE5 and More!



Are you a fan of shooter games? You can buy the best shooter games from the Sniper Elite Franchise Sale?

Sniper Elite is a series of tactical shooter games from Rebellion Developments. Players have to use sniper and explosives and win stealth-based battles. Sniper Elite stories are set in the world war II period and players can use tanks and armor for combat. The Steam sale for June 2024 features Sniper Elite games. Here’s all about the Sniper Elite franchise sale 2024 along with the best deals.

Sniper Elite Franchise Sale 2024 – Best Games

Fans of shooter games can purchase Sniper Elite from the steam sale. All classic shooter games from the Sniper Elite series are available at a huge discount. Here’s everything you can buy,

Sniper Elite (82%)

Sniper rifle

The first game from the Sniper Elite franchise where players take on the role of an American OSS Agent called Karl Fairburne. The goal for Karl is to fight against American and Soviet forces in 1945. Karl Fairburne appears as a German Sniper in disguise for the Battle of Berlin. He has to save German Nuclear Technology from rivals in America and the Soviet.

You can use Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols and Hand Grenades. Karl can deceive enemies by placing bombs and traps. The game is played in a third-person perspective and you can spot Karl’s attacks in a different angle and slow motion.

Sniper Elite V2 (40%)

Sniper Elite V2 was launched as a remake to the original game. The story is set in the same period of the Battle of Berlin. Karlin has to again destroy enemies and scientists who are involved in the German V-2 Rocket Program. In this tactical shooter game, players have to shoot enemies from a distance and utilize stealth elements to avoid getting eliminated.

Sniper Elite III (90%)

Sniper Elite III takes place 3 years before the events in Sniper Elite V2. Karl Fairburne has a new task in this game. Stories take place during the Battle of Gazala in 1942 and the hero has to stop enemies who are about to launch a dangerous Nazi weapon. Karl has to defeat his enemies and destroy the commander who’s behind this. You can use snipers, binoculars and explosives for battles.

Sniper Elite franchise sale

Sniper Elite 4  is a sequel to Sniper Elite III. The story is set in Italy and Karl Fairburne is sent on a mission to investigate ships destroyed by the new weapon. In Sniper Elite 4, players can witness the movement of Karl Fairburne through the X-ray kill cam system. The AI system of Sniper Elite 4 allows enemies to retaliate quickly and challenges will be difficult in this part.

Sniper Elite 5 (70%)

The third-person tactical shooter starts a year before Sniper Elite V2. Karl Fairburne is involved in Operation Overlord. In Sniper Elite 5, players can cooperatively complete missions and add a third player as an enemy sniper in the invasion mode. The game also has a survival mode where you can join 3 snipers in a lobby.

Is Sniper Elite Series Good?

Yes, Sniper Elite series has some of the world’s best shooting games. Sniper Elite franchise sale is live on steam and you can get all main games from the series for a discount and it will be available only for a limited time.

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