Sneako mugshot: Controversial streamer’s arrest has fans surprised


Sneako mugshot: All you should know about Sneako’s mugshot and learn about all the details of the arrest that have the controversial streamer’s fans surprised.

Sneako, whose real name is Nicolas Kenn De Ballinthazy, is a Youtuber who now streams on Rumble and is widely known for his controversial viewpoints on women and his association with the red pill YouTubers.

He has garnered a lot of attention due to his controversial statements. There have been rumours of Sneako getting arrested, and a mugshot of Sneako is going viral, leaving fans extremely surprised.

Here is everything you should know about Sneako’s arrest and learn all about it.

Sneako Mugshot
Sneako Mugshot (Twitter)

Why was Sneako arrested?

The rumours behind Sneako’s arrest included him getting arrested for carrying armed weapons illegally.

There have been rumours going around stating that he was arrested in Los Angeles, but there is no evidence that has come out yet that supports the rumors.

California’s laws against firearms are very strict, and there is a possibility that he might have been arrested.

The news has not been verified yet, but it is being said that all this took place after an altercation on Sunset Boulevard.

Some fans had multiple reactions to Sneako’s arrest. There was a user on Reddit who said, “I wonder if the gun was illegal, the way he was concealing it was illegal (no conceal carry permit), or a combination of both. I am going to go ahead and assume it was the latter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a handgun with a switch or something.”

byu/Tr393w from discussion

There were many suers who supported his arrest and stated that it was best that he get off the streets as he could cause harm.

Conclusion – Sneako mugshot

Sneako mugshot: There is nothing that can verify whether or not Sneako was arrested, but despite his controversial nature, he garnered a lot of criticism from social media users. A lot of users weren’t empathetic towards him because of his past activities and his attitude towards women. However, Sneako has not spoken on this issue, and there is no evidence that suggests that he was arrested. 

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