Small Town Potential Season 1: Release date, plot, release time, and more


Small Town Potential Season 1: Get ready to mark your calendars because HGTV is set to premiere its highly anticipated series, “Small Town Potential,” on Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Gear up for an interesting show that will take you on a journey of transformation and discovery. “Small Town Potential” follows the adventure of a dynamic duo. An experienced real estate agent and a skilled contractor. As they join forces to provide homeowners with their ultimate dream homes.

Through a series of inspiring episodes, viewers will witness the transformation of various properties. Carefully curated to complement the unique natural beauty of the small town. Step aside, “House Hunters” and “Love It Or List It” because HGTV is about to unravel a fresh, exciting addition to its lineup.

In this series, real estate agent and designer, Davina Thomasula and her life partner and contractor Kristin Leitheuser take on the role of game changers. Making dreams come true of families looking to settle down in their ideal homes in the enchanting Hudson Valley.

“Small Town Potential”: Transforming Homes & Fulfilling Dreams

With their expertise in real estate and their passion for home improvement. This versatile duo is determined to turn houses into havens, where homeowners can finally put down roots and create lasting memories. In their press release, Discovery stated this about the new series.“Charming neighborhoods, idyllic rolling hills and the lush greenery of the Hudson Valley inspire city dwellers to chase a different pace of life in the new HGTV series, Small Town Potential.”

Small Town Potential Season 1
Small Town Potential Season 1

As the series unfolds, viewers will witness the remarkable journeys of families as they discover their perfect properties. Moreover, face unexpected challenges, and ultimately see their dreams become a reality. From quaint cottages to historic farmhouses, each episode promises captivating transformations that reflect the unique personalities and desires of the homeowners.

Adding an extra dose of expertise to the team, “Small Town Potential” will feature the skilled craftsmanship of Kristin’s father, Don Leitheuser. With his extensive background as a carpenter. Don will lend his valuable insights and assist the couple in tackling complex structural renovations.

In an interview with HGTV, while talking about his father, Kristin said, “I discovered my love of holding a hammer working beside him. This is a whole new world for him — he never thought he’d be part of this show!”

Executive producers Jesse Fawcett, David Freeman, Kaleb Keene, and Lindsay Wilkinson have ensured that this reality show is nothing short of captivating. With a top cast, starring Davina, Kristin, and Don. The Small Town Potential promises to be a must-watch for fans of the reality and home renovation genre. Get ready to be hooked as this talented team transforms homes and brings dreams to life on your screens.

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