Sister Alexa Bliss? – Blowout moments and GIFS from WWE (3 August – 9 August)


Alexa Bliss teased something special as she was caught out by The Fiend

It was quite an incredible week of WWE action with The Fiend chasing Alexa Bliss again. However, this week’s meeting with the Fiend didn’t end up as bad as it previously did for the Goddess.

WWE also brought out two interesting bits on Raw. While there was the introduction of Raw Underground to talk about, a new faction also caused a ton of havoc on two shows.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss
The Fiend attacked Alexa Bliss (WWE)

WWE certainly provided a lot of entertainment this week, and here are some of the best GIFS from the three main shows.

1) Bad Baszler is back

Shayna Baszler knocked out WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks with one blow. The former UFC star was missing from action for a while but she made her presence felt against Nia Jax recently.

Jax might be suspended for her actions but Baszler has free reign to terrorise the WWE roster. She has her eyes set of the gold around Banks’ waist, and it will be interesting to see what else is up her sleeve.

2) Raw Underground

Shane McMahon returning to WWE is a big deal but the introduction of Raw Underground was huge too.

While this provided Raw with an edgier segment, not everyone was impressed. It all felt a little mismanaged and there was no structure to the violence.

However, The Hurt Business standing tall at the end of the show made for good viewing. Also, there is still some interest to see what happens when Raw Underground returns on Monday.

3) Cole starts a war

Adam Cole and Pat McAfee were in the wars on this week’s NXT. A truce seemed to have been confirmed before the show but Cole reneged on that and threw water onto McAfee.

The NFL star didn’t take this lightly and knocked out Cole with one kick. Triple H confirmed that Cole and McAfee would meet in the next NXT TakeOver, and the leader of the Undisputed Era has started a war.

Pat McAfee kicked Adam Cole on NXT
Pat McAfee kicked Adam Cole on NXT (WWE)

McAfee could turn out to be a good wrestler and it will be interesting to see how he does against former NXT Champion Cole.

4) Sister Alexa Bliss

The Fiend and Bliss were out again this week on SmackDown. It seemed like Bliss would be the victim of another attack by the Fiend. However, she calmed him down by touching his face.

Braun Strowman also claimed he had no feelings for Bliss and didn’t care what happened to his. This could allow Bliss to become Sister Abigail, which would be incredible as part of the story.

Bliss isn’t involved in any other storylines after Nikki Cross pushed her away, and we could see a different side to the Goddess.

5) Retribution tears down SmackDown

Retribution attacked Raw on Monday and did the same on SmackDown. While the Raw attack was just a teaser of what they are capable of, the one on SmackDown was more vicious.

The new faction tore down the ring, used a chainsaw, attacked the wrestlers and even the staff.

Retribution caused all sorts of havoc on SmackDown
Retribution caused all sorts of havoc on SmackDown (WWE)

Retribution made a bold statement of intent on Friday and there could be more destruction on their way on Monday too.

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