Shaqtoberfest 2022: Learn all about Shaquille O’Neal’s halloween themed party


Learn what is Shaqtoberfest 2022: Shaquille O’Neal’s very own Halloween-themed party.

Shaquille O’Neal has made the headlines once again. The NBA Hall of Famer has famously embarked on a career as an entrepreneur following his retirement from basketball in 2011, and his latest venture in entrepreneurship is none other than building his very own Halloween-themed party known as Shaqtoberfest. In this piece, we will delve deeper into what Shaqtoberfest really is.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaqtoberfest 2022

According to the official website of the fest, Shaqtoberfest describes itself as the ultimate Halloween destination this October. According to the website, Shaq will be taking over Long Beach – a suburb Shaq will be well accustomed to courtesy of his years with the Los Angeles Lakers – which Shaq will be turning into the ultimate destination for the Halloween lover.

What are the different attractions for viewing at Shaqtoberfest?

According to the website, Shaqtoberfest has a number of different attractions.

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Shaqtoberfest 2022: Learn all about Shaquille O’Neal’s halloween themed party 3

Pumpkin Patch is an attraction which offers a traditional experience where kids of all ages can explore the attraction by stopping at one of the many trick-or-treat stations by the morning, the attraction erupts to life as a Shaq Diesel mix blasts throughout the area accompanied by an over-the-top light show mixing Halloween and EDM into a walk-through experience at night.

While Midnight Madness is a festive street carnival, complete with a clown-infested Funhouse, Lost City: Boardwalk is an attraction Located underneath the gangways alongside the Queen Mary, guests can explore the area where time and its inhabitants have been stuck in the 1920’s.

While Shipwreck: Graveyard is a family-friendly trick-or-treat spot during the day and an eerie gauntlet after 8pm, Deadman’s Wharf is an attraction filled with nautical filled fisheries to eerie bait shops where guests navigate past the reaching tentacles of large sea creatures who have made their way ashore – capped off with Pirate’s Cove where guests make their way through dark alleys and caves of a waterfront village overtaken by pirates.

Shaqtoberfest will be held from 29th September to 31st October, with tickets being sold online at

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