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Former WWE Superstar CM Punk recently made his return to WWE television on WWE Backstage. During Punk’s debut show on the new programme he responded to a ‘challenge’ laid out by former Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The ‘Architect’ recently took to Twitter and wrote “Fight Me @CMPunk.”

“Stop Tweeting”

Punk said on Backstage that Rollins just needs to “stop tweeting.”

Punk elaborated further, saying “I want my journalistic integrity to be intact, so this isn’t the show where you come on and shoot your little angles.” Punk then stated that “Seth needs to stop tweeting and realise sometimes it’s better to be viewed at as the fool and shut your mouth. Or open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Rollins Calls Phil Brooks a “Coward”

Rollins then took to Twitter himself to respond back to the former straight edge Superstar. “HELL of a “response” Coward.”

Phil Brooks also recorded a video following the show, as during the broadcast he swore on live television. “I don’t know if I have a job anymore, apparently you can’t swear, apparently you can’t do a few things,” Punk chuckled. “But I feel great! Because I got to be myself and I got to be brutally honest, and that’s what it is. And that’s what this show is gonna be.”

You can catch WWE Backstage every week on the FOX Network Tuesday nights.

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