Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke to 103.5 KISS FM, a radio station in the U.S. During the interview Rollins discussed new WWE Backstage analyst and former WWE Champion CM Punk. Rollins has recently been goading the former WWE Superstar in an attempt to get him back in a WWE ring.

Rollins has now asked the WWE fans to help with this cause. “You know, I’ve been a little disheartened thus far but I know Chicago will be the exception,” Rollins said. “I figured that after the last two weeks of what I’ve been saying on Twitter and what he’s [Punk] been saying back to me that I’d get these chants you’ve mentioned. But they just haven’t happened and in Boston, not a peep.”

Rollins elaborated further, saying  “I was very sad. I was very upset. People were so excited for him to be back. I guess not. I guess they still want to say, ‘Burn it Down.’… Let him know you want to see him on RAW., let him know you want to see him in a ring. Let him know you don’t want to see him behind a desk hiding in Los Angeles.”

There is currently no word on whether WWE has attempted to reach out to Punk for anything further than his analyst role on WWE Backstage. It’s important to note that Punk’s new role means that he is contracted to the FOX Network, not WWE.

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