Rumor Roundup February 11, 2022: AEW Wrestler interest, Shane O’Mac and more


The WWE rumor roundup for February 11, 2022, includes an interest in AEW wrestler Shane’s big story, Drew McIntyre recovery and more.

These are all the latest rumor roundups in pro-wrestling, which are currently afloat. So let’s have a look at the rumor roundup from WWE.

1.There is a big story to Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon was let go by WWE amid the backstage heat at Royal Rumble 2022, which turned out to be not a successful event, and it was produced by Shane O’mac.

Now it has been reported by Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian that someone who was present at the backstage chaos which involved Shane has revealed that “there is a bigger story to this and maybe one day it’ll come out.” 

Shane McMahon on WWE Raw (WWE)
Shane McMahon on WWE Raw (WWE)

It will be interesting to see when this comes out, and after all, it’s WWE, and anything is possible in this company.

2. WWE is interested in AEW wrestler

According to Andrew Zarian, WWE is now interested in AEW Superstar Jade Cargill after seeing her perform on AEW television.

Jade Cargill
Jade Cargill has been undefeated in AEW TBS as of now (Wrestling Inc)

Recently it was revealed by Jade why she chose AEW over WWE, The TBS champ was offered a WWE contract by Vince McMahon, but the pressure to put business over family and the fear of becoming just a member made her choose AEW.

“I didn’t have to relocate. I felt at home. I could call the owner of our company [Tony Khan] and talk to him — he knew my name. He knew my purpose. He knew that I wanted to do this. And that mattered to me. I wasn’t just a number. I wasn’t just this person, like who was this person? He knew exactly who I was. So that made me feel comfortable. And yes, the other company was pissed off that they sent me this 100-page contract, but I made the best decision for my family, and I made the best decision for myself. I mean, look at me — I don’t think I would be anywhere close [to my current position if I was in WWE].” (h/t Cageside Seats)

3. Drew McIntyre is still not 100% recovered from his neck issues 

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently returned at the Royal Rumble after he was out due to an injury in his neck. However, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, McIntyre is not 100% recovered from his neck issues and is still doing rehab, and he will not be able to work on house shows for now. 

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

It has been noted that the main idea is to keep him on the television but with a lighter workload. McIntyre is set to take on Madcap Moss at Elimination Chamber.

4. Shane McMahon’s replacement for Wrestlemania is already done 

Shane McMahon was reportedly going to be slotted near the top of the card, but those plans were thrown out after backstage issues, which led to Shane’s release. 

According to Ringside News, several things on the WrestleMania card could change, and the plans for Shane McMahon’s replacement were pretty much locked as soon as he was released by WWE.

However, there is still no word about Shane’s replacement. It was previously reported that Shane vs Seth Rollins was the plan earlier.

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