Roblox Psychic Playgrounds Codes (March 2023)


It’s time to destroy some cities with your psychic powers! Check out the latest codes for Roblox Psychic Playground.

In the Roblox game of Psychic Playground, you get to destroy cities with your incredible Psychic abilities. The game has been developed by Khongumu And is very simple and fun to play. It’s very simple to play as all you have to do is destroy the city. You can pick up cars and throw them through the front of buildings, mess with other players, and on currency to upgrade your character.

Roblox Psychic Playgrounds
Roblox Psychic Playgrounds

Psychic playground codes are free rewards that are given by the developers. These codes can be routine for getting an energy boost in the game and it will provide you with more energy to destroy objects and throw cars around.

To get more items that you can use to destruct the city you will need codes to redeem thus the developers have released some new codes for you that we have listed down for you here.

Psychic Playground Active Codes

Here is a list of all the working codes for Psychic Playground.

5000LikesDouble energy boost
PsychicLoveDouble energy boost to get you started

** Note: If any of your codes are not functioning, you can restart the game and try entering it again, or else it’s possible that the codes have expired. Additionally, take in mind that Roblox is case-sensitive, so double-check your codes’ spelling and make sure they were entered in the proper case (i.e., capital or small letters).

How To Redeem Codes In Psychic Playground?

Psychic Playgrounds Codes
Psychic Playgrounds Codes

The steps to redeem Psychic Playground Codes is very simple. Follow the steps as given.

  • Open the game Psychic Playground on your device
  • Click on the gift icon on the left side of the screen
  • Enter the codes that we have mentioned into the Box that pops up
  • You will receive a notification after redeeming the code
  • Claim these codes and enjoy your free beats

Where to find more codes?

Psychic Playgrounds Codes

If you want to be updated with all the latest trends in the game make sure to follow the game’s official Twitter handle to find more codes. You can also join their official Discord server and official social media accounts to be updated with the recent codes in the game news, and updates, and to chat with other players.

Those are all the active codes for the Roblox Psychic Playgrounds code available right now. Make sure to redeem it before it expires and enjoy your freebies! We also have codes listed for you for other Roblox games which you can check here.

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