Roblox Alchemy Online Codes and How to Redeem Them – April 2022


Here is our list of all the active codes for Roblox Alchemy Online. Redeem these codes to get some free in-game rewards!

There are a plethora of Roblox experiences based on various anime series. Roblox is a terrific place to play if you’re an anime enthusiast, as the community is certainly full of die-hard fans eager to create a game based on their favorite series or characters. Alchemy Online is an example of a game that combines genres and draws inspiration from Full Metal Alchemist.

You can get free in-game rerolls for your characters by using our Roblox Alchemy Online codes. Rerolls allow you to freely change your name, race, and alchemy powers, so they’ll come in handy in this intense survival game based on Full Metal Alchemist. These codes will assist you in changing some aspects of your character.

Alchemy online codes
Alchemy online codes

Alchemy Online Active Codes

This month’s Roblox Alchemy Online Codes are shown below. We will update this article with new codes as they become available, so bookmark this page. Check back soon to discover other codes have already passed their expiration date. You’ll gain Race to reroll, Name reroll, Alchemy rerolls, and more when you redeem these codes.

  • ;code SORRY – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code HUMAN – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code NEWNAME – Redeemable for a free name roroll
  • ;code FIXED – Redeemable for a free Alchemy Roll
  • ;code GRIP – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code Reroll2 – Redeemable for alchemy and race reroll
  • ;code ReRace – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code ReName – Redeemable for a free name reroll
  • ;code ReAlch – Redeemable for an Alchemy reroll

Alchemy Online Expired Codes

  • ;code freeKN – This code no longer works and is out of date but you could redeem loads of KN with it.

Codes are a simple and free way to get free in-game items. The creators frequently distribute codes in line with the latest content releases or when the game reaches a new milestone. The codes should come in handy if you wish to tweak anything about your character or just feel like a fresh start.

Alchemy online Gameplay
Alchemy online Gameplay

How to Redeem Alchemy Online Codes

To redeem Roblox Alchemy Online codes, you must first join a game and enter the chat. Press enter after typing the code precisely as seen above (including the “;code” part). After that, you’ll get your free in-game reward. To activate the codes, you may need to join the Riperino Studios and DaZen Studios organizations.

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