Riverdale Season 7: Potential release date, cast, plot, and more


Riverdale Season 7 is around the corner. Here is everything we know about the series including the release date, plot and more

Season 7 of Riverdale is set to release on The CW in 2023. It is based on Archie Comics, the psychological teen drama first premiered in 2017. Here is everything we know about the upcoming season.

1. Potential release date

An official premiere date for the Riverdale season 7 has not been announced. There is currently no indication as to whether the season will be shot or not, which means that the series will probably end with a full season order of 22 episodes. However, it can be expected that it might air in mid-season 2023. 

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Riverdale is a psychological teen drama (Screen Rant)

2. Riverdale Season 7 Cast: Who can return? 

As we know that Riverdale is seemingly sent back in time, it would make sense for most of the gang to reemerge in 1955. K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, and Madelaine Petsch are all expected to return for Riverdale season 7, along with Madchen Amick and Alvin Sanders, Trevor Stines as Jason Blossom may return as well.

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Riverdale Season 7 cast will include the same cast as season 6 (Pop Buzz)

The events of the final season will start with the initial death that kicked off the series back in season 1. 

3. Plot for Riverdale Season 7 

Riverdale season 6 ended with a massive cliffhanger which sent shockwaves through a series of plot twists. It was a successful attempt by Cheryl to use her powers to stop Bailey’s Comet, Archie awakes in 1955, not recalling anything that proceeded, and the gang seems to be enjoying their pleasant lives in a simpler time.

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Only Jughead remembers the events, as heard through his ever omnipresent narration. It appears that season 7 of the show will begin right where season 6 ended, and we may see the residents of Riverdale enjoying life in the 1950s. 

4. Will this be the last season for Riverdale 

In March 2022, it was announced that the teenage psychological drama would be renewed for season 7 along with some other shows as well. It was also clarified that season 7 would be the series’ final season. 

However, it can be said that Riverdale will be given a chance to conclude all of its storylines in an appropriate farewell season.

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