Rise of Kingdoms Codes (March 2023)


Rule the kingdom with the latest codes for Rise of Kingdoms. Redeem them quickly to get some free in-game rewards.

Rise of kingdoms has to offer a Royal adventure to conquer some lands and get crystal keys., Rise of Kingdoms is here to enhance your journey in the Royal adventure of kings and ministers.

Who doesn’t like free in-game items and upgrades? The developers of the game have released active codes for players to redeem so that they can progress mostly through the game of Rise of Kingdom. Every kingdom needs its weapons and other items smoothly win the game.

Thus to give you upgrades in the game here is a list of all the working codes in Rise of Kingdoms that you can redeem now to get your freebies

Rise of Kingdoms
Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Active Codes

Here is a list of all the active codes in Rise of Kingdoms.

RoKTechPowThis code was shared in the comments and is apparently only for NEW players
cF04nHXYpkRedeem this gift code for 1 Gold Key, 3 x 60 Minute Speed Up, 3 x 60 Minutes Healing Speed Up
Vqac8DfWsBRedeem this gift code for 3 x 60 Minute Building Speed Up, 3 x 60 Minute Research Speed Up, 3 x 60 Minute Training Speed Up, 10 x Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge
3sENgwrXUFRedeem this gift code for 30 x Silver Keys
ROKVICTORYRedeem this gift code for 1 Gold Key, 30 Minute Speed Up (1), Lvl 5 Tome of Knowledge
ROKVIKINGSRedeem this gift code for 2x Gold Keys, 5x Level 6 Tome of Knowledge, 2x 500 action point recoveries and 2x 3-hour speed ups

Rise of Kingdoms expired codes

Here is a list of all the expired codes in Rise of Kingdoms. These codes no longer work, however, you can try your luck by trying out some of these. But, do not keep your hopes high as the chances of redeeming these codes are very less.

  • 2023xnsfss
  • sgbv6dbjxf
  • Newyearah9
  • cF04nHXYpk
  • a2j61b790d
  • Rok2yomdtu
  • Rok21promo
  • rokpromo21
  • fb98l0wrfk
  • Happynew21
  • RMerryXmas
  • TnxGiv1ing
  • Tricktreat
  • 3sENgwrXUF
  • Vqac8DfWsB
  • rZbyJznaxU 
  • HwbA7ksDyE
  • PZ0CtpKA5h
  • VrzQF2Wepu
  • A2j61b790d
  • MXhk0V38aL
  • 5Bewu21acn
  • L4YtrioGac
  • Tw1XpxW9Z2
  • Rokcny8888
  • AmqDQBeGkd
  • Happycny22
  • ROKVietnam
  • K7bjwhfsvq
  • Ah9vzgp0mi
  • Rokpromo21
  • Q51ajxwdzc
  • Fb98l0wrfk
  • hpr3BveYL6
  • Rokhappybd
  • D725ig2acq
  • Brem4k69u2
  • 21HappyYOX

If your codes are not working you can try restarting your game and re-entering the codes. Even after that if the codes are not working, they are mostly expired.

How to redeem Rise of Kingdoms codes?

Rise of Kingdom characters
Rise of Kingdom characters

Follow these steps to redeem codes in Rise of Kingdom.

  • Open the game on your device and go to your profile on the left side of the main menu.
  • Click on settings
  • Click on redeem
  • Enter the code in the given text Box from the above-mentioned list of active codes
  • Click on exchange and redeem these codes
  • Enjoy your freebies!

These are all the active codes in Rise of Kingdoms that you can use to unlock your free gifts and other items to rule over the kingdoms. We will keep you updated with all the current codes when it’s released.

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