Riders Republic Season 11 update is out. Find out all new content and rewards from the summer update.

Riders Republic is a multiplayer sports game where players engage in competitive challenges in different games. Be it skiing or bike riding, you have to pick your best vehicles. Riders have a new challenge as the next season of Riders Republic has been launched. Season 11 patch update includes new content and rewards for riders.

Riders Republic Season 11 Update & Content

Competitive races and live events will be back through the Summer update. Riders Republic players can pick new vehicles for races. Here’s everything included in Riders Republic Season 11 update,

Lab Update 

Riders can create events with the cartoon filter along with the photo mode effects. Players can also join new events created by friends in the Republic.

New Burger Boxes

Riders Republic Season 11

Devils burger boxes have been an exciting reward for riders. Riders Republic Season 11 update added new burger boxes that will include outfits from the store. You can spend Republic Coins (RC) to get new cosmetics. The Burger Boxes will have these items and you can explore them through weekly challenges and season progression,

  • Legendary Bottoms – Pants and Shoes
  • Legendary Tops –  Tops and Backpacks
  • Legendary Headwear – Headwear and Eyewear
  • Legendary Gear items

New Shop

Riders Republic item shop has undergone a rework and the new shop will be available under the ‘sportswear’ or ‘collection’ section. Every outfit and items from the item shop will be available as the shop rotation feature of Riders Republic has been removed. Weekly items and skins will be available with great deals for riders.

Season 11 Content 

Riders Republic Season 11 content includes weekly challenges and live events. Riders can explore 2 new ride areas and take up 8 challenges. The progression for 20 tiers will be added to the summer season. Riders will get outfits through the mass contest. Here’s the competition race schedule for Riders Republic Season 11,

  • Week 1: July 3rd to July 10th
  • Week 2: July 24th to July 31st
  • Week 3: August 14th to August 21st
  • Week 4: September 4th to September 11th

Riders Republic Season 11 Patch Notes

The patch notes for the Riders Republic summer update are out. Here are the main changes to the game,

  • LONGBOARD – Plenty of Animation and Camera fixes are made 
  • MENU – The thumbnail for the “Goose” snow skate is updated 
  • SEASON PROGRESSION –  A bug that allowed riders to open burger box multiple times has been sorted
  • LAB EVENTS – An issue that grants unlimited experience when conditions are not met has been fixed

That’s everything you need to know about the Riders Republic Season 11 summer update, content, rewards and patch notes. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

Is Riders Republic Good?

Riders Republic is a sports simulation MMO with plenty of game modes like ‘career’ and ‘tricks battle arena’. Players can race against others in 6v6 races against online players in an open world and participate in bike races, snowboarding and ski racing. Performing tricks and stunts will unlock rewards for riders. Riders Republic is a top-class racing adventure that takes place in the Western United States and 64 players are allowed in a lobby.

Who Can Play Riders Republic?

Riders Republic has been launched for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. As of now, the sports racing game is only available for these platforms.

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