WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio recently spoke to Sportskeeda. During the interview the Luchador legend discussed a variety of areas from his time in the company as well as in Mexico and the worldwide independent scene. Interestingly, Mysterio also discussed WWE Backstage co-host CM Punk as well as his own ‘dream’ WrestleMania opponent.

“The roster is filled with top talent but I really think that the match we had leading into me becoming United States Champion against AJ Styles,” stated Mysterio. “I would love to do that on a big stage: AJ vs Rey Mysterio.”

As previously mentioned; Mysterio discussed former WWE Superstar CM Punk and whether he felt there was a chance he might return to the ring. “I think definitely we would all love to see CM Punk back eventually. Whether he comes back or not is up to him. But I enjoy having him around, even if it’s just with his FOX role. But we all enjoy seeing CM Punk in the ring. I doubt anybody out there would say; ‘Nah, I don’t really want to see him back.'”

“He has a great personality, great character and he’s great in the ring,” stated Mysterio.

Mysterio and Punk previously feuded back in 2010, during Punk’s role as the leader of the Straight Edge Society.