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Do you want to find the best skills for Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa? Scroll down and find the best abilities and bonuses for the new Six-star unit.

Reverse 1999 is a gripping time-travel based fantasy RPG. Here, you play as a Timekeeper in a fantasy world. You have to meet NPCs from other continents to avoid another disaster in the world. The storm in 1999 caused havoc and many arcanists lost their lives. To avoid another disaster, you have to find new magical spells and join with other companions to save the world.

In Reverse 1999, battles are turn-based and you can deploy skills and pets to win games. There are boss fights and story quests in the game. Each chapter in Reverse 1999 has various objectives and you can complete these to earn gems, unilog and sharpdonty. With these resources, you can enhance Aracnists’ skills and purchase new magic potions and arcane spells from the pawn shop.

From the Summon tab of Reverse 1999, you can summon new arcanists to your crew. It requires Unilog and Clear Drops to complete the draw. As there are new live events, you can utilize this opportunity to summon an exclusive six-star arcanist to your squad. Kaalaa Baunaa is a new six-star unit from the “That Steady Evening Star” event. Here’s all about summoning Kaalaa Baunaa and the best skills for the unit in Reverse 1999.

Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Skills

Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa
Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa

Kaalaa Baunaa is an exclusive banner featured in the new live event. The rate for the character is high and you have to use Unilog and other resources to claim her banner. Kaalaa Baunaa is a top-tier dps and her burst damage is great. Here are the best skills and bonuses for Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa,


The main Inheritance skill for Kaalaa Baunaa is Starbending. This grants status effects based on Planets. After Kaalaa Baunaa reached the Insight II level, the critical rate is increased by 10%. And for the final Insight level, Kaalaa Baunaa’s ultimate skill can be used to get 1 planet effect

Arcane Skills

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Kaalaa Baunaa has a couple of Arcane skills. Arcane skills are available every unit under the Portrait section. Here are the top skills for Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa,

  • Ultimate Perfection – The skill deals more than 600% mental damage after all planets are removed. It gains 2 Full Moon and you can use this to earn Incantation Night.
  • Enchanted Strike – The Attack skill deals 450% mental damage. After active casting, the character receives 3 Saturn and +6% Penetration rate.
  • Mythical Meteors – The Mass Attack provides a huge buff. Kaalaa Baunaa will deal 335% mental damage to 2 targets. She will receive +6% Leech rate after active casting.
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Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Guide - Best Build 4

These are the available skills for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse 1999. To summon her banner, complete the challenges in the live event, Journey to Mor Pankh. Kaalaa Baunaa is a powerful dps and has the best burst damage and crit. Here are the best team comps for Kaalaa Baunaa,

  • Regulus – Regulus is a six-star supporter. Kaalaa Baunaa is a primary dps and you can play Regulus as the main supporter for this team.
  • Baby Blue – One of the best Debuffers in Reverse 1999. Baby Blue has high control and she will constantly apply negative status effects to enemies. You can utilize Baby Blue’s Cough Syrup, a  mass debuff skill to reduce enemies base damage stats and increase their damage taken stats. Baby Blue is another excellent option for Kaalaa Baunaa in battles
  • Pavia – Pavia is a massive tank. She can be the sub-dps for Kaalaa Baunaa. The four-star arcanist has some special skills and you can use them to increase mental damage stats.
  • Dikke – If you want a Healer to assist Kaalaa Baunaa throughout the combat, then Dikke is the best healer. You can use Dikke’s skills to get mass healing effects. Dikke can heal self and allies till the battle ends

That’s everything you need to know about getting the best build for Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

How to Get the Best Units in Reverse 1999?

Pulling six-star characters in Reverse 1999 is not easy. You have to complete stories and get all currency and resources. Even then, the spin wheel doesn’t guarantee you a six-star unit. Once you complete 30 Summons, you will start unlocking six-star characters.

Is Reverse 1999 Good?

Reverse 1999, the time-travel strategic and turn-based RPG is out for Mobile and PC. This is a free-to-play gacha game where you can pull five-star and six-star units to engage in battles. Reverse 1999 has splendid graphics and mind-blowing stories in fantasy locations.

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