Reverse 1999 Codes and How to Redeem them?



Crack the code to success in Reverse 1999 by unlocking exclusive content with Reverse 1999 codes. This article provides an in-depth look at how to redeem these codes.

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based strategy game for PC, Android and iOS. Reverse 1999, the gacha game doesn’t fall under the usual genre, instead the makers have opted for a time travel based RPG. The story is set in the 20th century and you play as a Timekeeper. The Storm in 1999 destroyed mankind and after many years, the Storm is approaching again in the present world.

Your goal is to explore  locations where there was a Storm earlier. You have to investigate locations and get guidance from Arcanists to avert another disaster. As a Timekeeper, you have to complete battles and stories. There are many acts and each act has a couple of stages. Discover the secrets of 1999 and meet new Arcanists and gain magical powers.

Reverse 1999 is a stunning fantasy RPG with brilliant storyline, stunning visuals and amazing soundtrack. You can return to the past as well as the future. Summoning thr six-star units is key to winning battles. You will be aided by Arcanists throughout battles. To summon characters, you have to spend summons by playing stories. Also you can make use of free codes to unlock new heroes and resources. Here we share some free promo codes to use in Reverse 1999 and ways to redeem them.

All Reverse 1999 Codes

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Just like other gacha games, the makers of Reverse 1999 have shared the latest codes for this month. Here are latest active codes,

  • 5YRBRF9 – x19999 Dust, x19999 Sharpodonty, X3 Fine Insight Package 
  • Entertheshow – x60 Clear Drop, x4000 Dust, x2 Bottle of Pages, x5 Enlighten I, x3000 Sharpodonty
  • 1999gift – x50 Clear Drop, x19999 Dust

These are the latest codes. Claim these rewards immediately and unlock new characters and other in-game rewards. With codes, you can redeem rewards easily. So, find the steps to claim freebies in Reverse 1999,

How to Redeem Reverse 1999 Codes

Reverse 1999 codes

Here’s how you can claim new free rewards with codes,

  • Launch the Game
  • Look for three dotted icons below the ‘Bank’ option
  • Proceed to select the Settings tab and you will find the “Exchange Code Reward” option on your right
  • Tap the ‘Go’ button and type all codes in the code box
  • Tap the “Confirm” button and claim rewards
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Reverse 1999 Codes and How to Redeem them? 4

That’s how you can claim free rewards in Reverse 1999 using free codes. Free codes will be available every month and these are promotional codes shared by the makers as free giveaways. Make sure to use all codes within the specified time limit, or else it will not work.

Are there more Reverse 1999 Codes?

As of now, there are no extra codes for Reverse 1999. All valid codes for this month have been listed above. Use these codes before they are invalid. You can check back here later to find the next set of codes.

All new free codes for Reverse 1999 have been shared here. Use the codes and start your investigation in the world. You can utilize free resources and summon a powerful five-star character. Also, you can use them to skip some stories.


How to Pull Six-star Characters in Reverse 1999?

Though there are many units in Reverse 1999, players always look for the powerful six-star characters. You can get them by completing tutorials, using codes, playing stories and battles. Once you complete a story, you will get a summon along with many resources. You can use them to pull your desired six-star characters in the game. Six-star characters have the best atk, dmg and def compared to other units of Reverse 1999.

Who Can Play Reverse 1999?

Reverse 1999, the time-travel strategic and turn-based RPG is out for Mobile and PC. This is a free-to-play gacha game where you can pull five-star and six-star units to engage in battles. Reverse 1999 has splendid graphics and mind-blowing stories in fantasy locations.

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