One of the most intriguing aspects of Formula 1 is knowing what happens inside a driver’s cockpit and here’s all you need to know about how these athletes sit in their respective cars during races.

Formula 1 drivers are some of the best in the world and they often need to put themselves through extremely challenging conditions during races. Hence, comfort and concentration while driving are imperative and their seating position also plays a vital role in helping them perform to the best of their abilities.

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Here, we take a closer look at how the seating provides comfort and efficiency for F1 drivers while racing at over 300kmph.

How do F1 drivers sit in a Formula 1 car?

F1 drivers don’t usually lie down completely in their cockpit while driving, but instead, they adopt a lateral seated position. This position allows them to reach out to the accelerator and brake pedals in front of them. The drivers can also rest their heads back and get the best possible view of what is around them at high speeds.

The position also helps in maintaining the top speeds of the car and the driver is smoothly accommodated in the shape of the aerodynamic design of the car. The seat is also built in a way that reduces and minimalizes the movement of the driver while going through at high speeds.

It is also created to help drivers stay comfortable in the seat for long periods. More so, the steering wheel is just above the seat and not in the eye-line of the driver so that their view is not obstructed.

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