Tom Phillips was on commentary duty on NXT

The Christmas edition of NXT featured some great matches with the final clash being a tag match.

Keith Lee and Lio Rush joined forces to face off against Damien Priest and Tony Nese. This was a nice combination of heavy-hitters and high-flyers, and the match lived up to its expectations.

Lee and Rush had some great moves as they came down to the ring in the Christmas spirit. The duo went on to win the clash, which had some fantastic moments.

Keith Lee and Lio Rush
Keith Lee and Lio Rush won their tag match on NXT (Image credit: WWE)

One involved a brief exchange of attacks from Priest and Lee. Both big men avoided the strikes before Rush decided to get on Nese’s nerves.

The former Cruiserweight champion threw cookies on Nese and was then chased around the ring.

Rush got to the announcer’s table and it seemed that Nese had cornered his opponent. However, Lee came out from nowhere to shoulder tackle Nese.

Nese was sent flying towards Tom Phillips. The announcer also got a boot to the face from the former Cruiserweight champion.

The WWE posted an apology to the announcer. Renee Young further claimed he wouldn’t be paid extra for the hit.

Lee and Rush impress

The duo looked great together against Priest and Nese. Rush was the Cruiserweight champion till last week, and it will be interesting to see where WWE heads with them.

Lee was involved in a No.1 contender’s clash a couple of weeks ago for the NXT title. However, he deserves more time to shine after some impressive performances.

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The pair could do a great job as a tag team, however, they are great performers in singles competition too.

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