Ranking all Free Fire characters (with their skills)


Free Fire has a ton of characters with different skills and ranking them is a little difficult

The different characters with their unique abilities play an important role in Garena Free Fire. Choosing the right character can be what wins you the game.

There are so many different characters in Garena Free Fire that it can get tough to choose which character you should play. They each have their own unique abilities which can influence the game. Here are all the Free Fire characters ranked with their respective skills unlocked at max level.

Ranking all the Free Fire characters based on their skills

alok and luqueta
DJ Alok and Luqueta

1. DJ Alok

 Create a 5m aura that increases moving and sprinting speed by 15% and restore 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. CD 45s. The effect cannot be stacked.

2. Luqueta

Every kill increases the max HP by 18, up to 35.

Kelly and Jota
Kelly and Jota

3. Kelly

Sprinting speed increased by 6%.

4. Jota

SMG or Shotgun kills will instantly restore 40 HP, cool down 5 seconds.

Paloma and Jai
Paloma and Jai

5. Jai

After taking down an opponent, the gun’s magazine automatically gets reloaded by 45% of its capacity (limited to AR, Pistol, SMG and SG).

6. Paloma

120 ammo will not take up inventory space. 

Rafael and Chrono
Rafael and Chrono

7. Rafael

Silencing effect when using snipers and marksman rifles. Enemies hit and downed suffer 45% faster HP loss.

8. Chrono

Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase 15% in movement speed during 8s activation. Cooldown 170s.

Clu and Hayato
Clu and Hayato

9. Clu

Locate positions of enemies within 75m who are not in prone or squat positions. Lasts for 7.5s, Cooldown 60s. Teammates share skill effects after level 1.

10. Hayato

When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 10.0% armour penetration.

A124 and Laura
A124 and Laura

11. A124

Quickly convert 60 EP into HP in 4s, CD 10s.

12. Laura

Accuracy increased by 35% while scoped in.

Wolfrahh and Wukong
Wolfrahh and Wukong

13. Wolfrahh

With every additional viewer: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 5%, up to 25%. Damage to the enemy’s limbs increases by 5%, up to 20%.

14. Wukong

Turn into a Bush for 15 sec. Camouflage’s cooldown is 200 seconds. Firing the weapon will cancel Camouflage’s effect and taking down an enemy will reset the cooldown.

K and Notora
K and Notora

15. K

Max EP increases by 50. 

Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Recover 2 EP every 2s, up to 150 EP. Mode switch Cooldown 3s.

16. Notora

When driving a vehicle, restore HP of all members on the vehicle by 5 HP every 2 s. Effects do not stack.

Moco and D-Bee
Moco and D-Bee

17. Moco

Tag the enemies that Moco shot for 5 seconds.

18. D-Bee

When firing while moving, movement speed increases by 15%, accuracy increases by 35%.

Antonio and Xayne
Antonio and Xayne

19. Antonio

Receive 35 extra HP when the round starts.

20. Xayne

Gets 80 HP temporarily, 100% increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields. Lasts for 10s. Cooldown: 100s.

Maro and Skyler
Maro and Skyler

21. Skyler

Unleash a sonic wave forward that damages 5 Gloo Walls within 100m. Cooldown 40s. Also, each Gloo Wall deployed will result in a 9 HP recovery. Recovery effects do not stack.

22. Maro

Damage increases with distance, up to 25%. Damage to marked enemies increases by 3.5%.

Dasha and Shirou
Dasha and Shirou

23. Dasha 

Reduce damage taken from falls by 50%. Reduce recover time from falls by 80%. Reduce the rate of recoil buildup by 10%. Reduce maximum recoil by 10%.

24. Shirou

When a user is hit by the enemy from within 80m, said attacker is marked for 6s (marking only visible to the user). The first shot on marked enemies has 100% additional armour penetration, Cooldown 20s.

Alvaro and Maxim
Alvaro and Maxim

25. Alvaro

Explosive weapon damage increases by 16%, damage range increases by 10%.

26. Maxim

Reduces the time for eating mushrooms and using medkits by 40%.

Miguel and Misha
Miguel and Misha

27. Miguel

Gain 80 EP for each kill.

28. Misha

Driving speed increased by 20%, damage taken while in a vehicle decreased by 30%. Harder to be targeted at while driving.

Steffie and Andrew
Steffie and Andrew

29. Steffie

Create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 25% and bullet damage by 5% for 10 seconds. Cooldown 45s. Effects do not stack.

30. Andrew

Vest durability loss decreased by 12%.

Olivia and Ford
Olivia and Ford

31. Olivia

Players revived by Olivia will get up with extra 70 HP.

32. Ford

Reduce damage when outside the safe zone by 24%.

Caroline and Shani
Caroline and Shani

33. Caroline

When holding a shotgun, movement speed is increased by 8%.

34. Shani

Restore 20 armour durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armour, up to level 3.

Joseph and Kapella
Joseph and Kapella

35. Joseph

Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage.

36. Kapella

Increase effects of healing items by 20% and healing skills by 10%. Reduce ally HP loss when downed by 30%. Effects do not stack.

Nikita and Kla
Nikita and Kla

37. Nikita

Submachine guns reload faster by 24%.

38. Kla

Fist damage increased 400%.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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