Randy Orton was certainly in the mood on this week’s Raw

With WWE Extreme Rules just a week or so away, all three brands had to put on top shows to continue their storyline.

While we got a surprise on Raw as Drew McIntyre faced off against former 3MB member and friend Heath Slater, there were some other incredible moments that got the WWE Universe talking.

Keith Lee became the new NXT Champion
Keith Lee created history at the Great American Bash (WWE)

Raw, SmackDown and NXT all had something special, such as Karrion Kross being the next opponent for Keith Lee, and here are the other blowout moments and gifs from last week.

1) Get the tables

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura certainly did a number of the New Day. The pair couldn’t win the tag titles but sent a big message as both members of the New Day were sent through a table.

This was an excellent way to highlight how dangerous Cesaro and Nakamura are. The pair should get a tag title shot again, and a tables match could be the way to go about it at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

2) AJ’s surprise

AJ Styles might consider himself to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion but he was in for a shock on SmackDown.

Matt Riddle made an impressive SmackDown debut by defeating AJ Styles
Matt Riddle made an impressive SmackDown debut (WWE)

While he didn’t wrestle, he was told that Matt Riddle would be his opponent next week. Further, this would be for the IC title, something that caught Styles off guard.

The champion was at a loss for words initially but Riddle vs Styles, for the title, will be something special. Riddle already has a win over Styles on SmackDown, and another one would certainly be a big result for his career.

3) Orton’s fangs are out

Randy Orton teaming up with Angel Garza and Andrade might not have been the storyline that some might have predicted as both sets are in different rivalries.

But they faced off against the Big Show and the Viking Raiders. While Orton was trying his best to get under the skin of Show, Garza and Andrade had their bust up, as usual.

Orton, however, wasn’t taking any of it as he launched into Garza and warned him. It was great to see Orton play a different role and also brought up that he, like Garza, has a wrestling pedigree. The Viper brought out his fangs but instead of biting someone, he just scared them.

4) Stone getting run over

Robert Stone was again in the wars on the Great American Bash as he was run over by Shotzi Blackheart.

Stone tried to recruit Blackheart but instead got run over by her mini-tank. The former TNA star might not be enjoying his time on WWE these days, but he is providing the humour content on NXT.

5) Aim for the chairs

Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae was a sleeper hit on the Great American Bash Day 2. This was a street fight and not many would have predicted it to be as gruesome as it turned out to be. Yim and LeRae used all sorts of weapons on each other, but the ending was great.

Both stars were perched high up on the top rope as LeRae executed a great swinging neck breaker.

Not only did she land it, the pair fell on a set of chairs which knocked both of the stars out. Fortunately for LeRae, she was able to put her hand on Yim to pick up an impressive win.

6) An eye for an eye

Seth Rollins sent a message to his rival Rey Mysterio ahead of their Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules.

Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins
Dominik Mysterio attacked Seth Rollins (WWE)

Dominik, the son of Rey, was in the middle of the war on Raw as Rollins gouged his eye.

This was another message sent to Rey, whose eye had also been injured by Rollins, and it seems the Messiah will leave no stone unturned to get the win over his rival.

The Eye for an Eye match should be a gruesome affair between Rey and Rollins but Dominik could have a role to play in all this too.

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