A clip from AEW Dynamite highlighted Dustin Rhodes getting beat as Randy Orton shared his views

AEW vs WWE is going to be a war that will last for long, and Randy Orton threw another punch.

The new kids on the block have had some big names sign up such as Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, however, there have been some iffy moments too.

Randy orton AEW
Randy Orton is one of the best WWE performers from recent times

One saw the crazy street fight with Moxley and even his wife, Renee Young spoke out about it. Another incident threw shade at the company when the Dark Order attacked Dustin Rhodes.

Rhodes was bleeding at the point and one masked wrestler was throwing punches at the star. However, when the camera angle changed, the punches weren’t even connecting and were far away from the AEW star.

There have been many comments made on this and Orton, who has often taken a shot at the rising brand.

The Viper claimed the person was a professional and mixed up his camera angles.

Orton continued his tirade and claimed the wrestler could come to WWE and learn how to throw punches.

Identity of wrestler revealed

Rhodes also posted about his attacker recently and had similar comments to what Orton claimed.

Arik Cannon is the person in the eye of the storm. The 37-year-old has wrestled for many promotions in the past and explained why he was throwing such punches.

Cannon added that he didn’t want to hurt Rhodes and called out some of the pathetic comments people threw at him.

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The 37-year-old featured on an episode of 205 Live with Brian Kendrick and lost to Akira Tozawa too.

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