QTCinderella banned on Twitch: What exactly is ad-farming?


QTCinderella banned on Twitch: Here is everything you should know about why QT Cinderella was banned from Twitch, and learn all about ad-farming.

QTCinderella has been banned from Twitch, and this has created a lot of controversy.

The reason why QTCinderella gets it is because she collects revenue through ad-farming.

She stated her reasons for collecting revenue by stating that she was lacking a sufficient amount of funds for the streamer awards.

Some fans were completely against her move to generate revenue in this manner, and others had different opinions.

QTCinderella’s channels on Twitch have been banned. Here is everything you should know about the controversy and learn about the situation.

QTCinderella banned on Twitch
QTCinderella banned on Twitch? (via YouTube)

s: What exactly is ad-farming?

Blaire, who is also known as QTCinderella, is getting banned on Twitch after she followed up on the controversy.

Blaire had set up a new channel that was streaming 24/7 to gather funds for the Streamer Awards 2024.

She requested fans and asked them to open Twitch and watch their content, put it on another tab, and keep it on mute so that her watch time would increase and she could increase her revenue.

Her move was extremely criticized by many streamers, and Twitch had taken down both of her channels.

QTCinderella had taken over her Twitter account a few days ago and stated that she was running short on funds.

QTCinderella does not think her move to monetize her channel to secure more funds is the wrong move.

However, many fans criticized her for making money through this move. There were different reactions from X, formerly known as Twitter users. There was a page that stated that the channel had been deleted.

There was another Twitch streamer who criticised her and stated that she was trying to scam Twitch by lying about her stream.

After being called out by the Twitch streamer, she responded to his tweet by stating that she was trying to pay for the function that she was organising by herself.

She stated how she was going to lose so much money, and she justified her decision to sell her content to be able to put up the show. Later on, she went on to say that it was a harmless move by her.

The Twitch streamer was also supported by a lot of people, and her fans called out the streamer for criticising her move. There was a user who called him retarded and dumb for calling QTCinderella out.

Some users criticised the Twitch streamer for criticising QTCinderella’s funding idea and called his thread the most useless one.

Conclusion – QTCinderella banned on Twitch

Many users have varied opinions on QTCinderella’s issue, but Twitch streamers tend to make a lot of revenue, and the reasons stated by them are quite unsatisfactory. Her boyfriend came out to support his girlfriend, but her two channels on Twitch are suspended, and they will be suspended for a while. It cannot be said that it is a permanent suspension. It is expected that the suspension of her Twitch channel might be removed because her channel will stream the Streamer Awards 2024.

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