PUBG Erangel Classic Fest – Discord Quest, Live Stream and Special Drops



PUBG Erangel Classic Fest Event returns with the fan-favorite map, quests and exclusive rewards.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a classic battle royale game that has inspired tons of creators to launch games in this genre. In PUBG, players fight against others on a remote island. A battle has 100 members or teams. You can go solo or join with friends in PUBG. Once you launch the game, you will land from your parachute on the island and you have to start defeating opponents.

You can picks weapons like shotguns and assault rifles from nearby buildings and ghost towns. Also, you can loot vehicles and armor from every site. PUBG is an incredible action adventure game where battles take place across different maps. The Erangel is a limited-time map and favorite for fans. The PUBG Erangel Classic Fest 2024 returns with lots of challenges and exclusive rewards.

PUBG Erangel Classic Fest 2024 – Everything You Need to Know 

Erangel is the OG map of PUBG and it returns through the new Classic Fest. Players can take part in discord quests and watch streaming videos of PUBG to claim freebies and goodies. Here’s all about PUBG Erangel Classic Fest 2024,

Twitch Stream Drops

Pubg Erangel Classic fest
PUBG Erangel Classic Fest - Discord Quest, Live Stream and Special Drops 2

PUBG players have to connect their Krafton account on Twitch before participating in the Erangel Classic Fest. PC and Console players can watch PUBG content between May 14, 12 AM – June 10, 11:59 PM. Watching 30 minutes unlocks a “Networked Gloves” and those who watch content for 1 hour can unlock the “Cerulean Challenger – SCAR-L”. PC users can claim the PUBG Twitch Stream rewards as drops once the event ends. Players who use consoles have to wait till the live server maintenance ends.

Discord Quest

Discord Quest has been added to the Erangel Classic Fest 2024. You have to open Discord on PC and accept the PUBG quest. Next, you have to launch PUBG and then start streaming your gameplay video to friends through the Screen Share tab. PUBG players can stream content for 15 minutes between May 14, 5 PM – May 28, 11:59 PM and collect rewards like,

  • Be Original T-Shirt
  • Foulmouthed Mask
  • Contraband Coupon x20
  • Hunter’s Chest 
  • Key

PUBG Erangel Classic Fest – Special Drops & More 

Players can simply open the lobby every day to get exclusive rewards. Booster Check-in will be twice before June 6, 2024. Here’s what you can claim through special drops,

  • Battle Points x10,000
  • Supply Loot Cache x20
  • Contraband Coupon x70
  • Hunter’s Chest x4
  • Key x4
  • Credits x400

Take Me Home, Erangel

Erangel map returns to PUBG. Players can play on this map 3 times to earn rewards. The other objectives are to reach top 10 and survive for 60 minutes. The rewards are,

  • Stranded Pilot Set
  • Contraband Coupon x60
  • Hunter’s Chest x2
  • Key x2
  • G-COIN x400

Weekend Blitz!

The final challenge for the Erangel Classic Fest will be available from May 24, 2024 and it will be live till May 31, 2023. Missions have simple objectives like playing on Erangel 3 times and getting 4 kills/assists. Players who survive 60 minutes will get some rewards as well.

  • Supply Loot Cache x10
  • Contraband Coupon x40


What’s PUBG Erangel?

Erangel is a classic PUBG map that will be available in events. This map features mountains, grasslands and islands. Erangel features colorful cities and remote towns. Sergei Kalimnick, the Godfather of PUBG who survived the first battle was born in Erangel.

Is PUBG Available for Android?

Yes, PUBG is a multi-platform battle royale game that’s available for PC, Consoles and Mobile. PUBG is an incredible multiplayer battle royale game to play with friends.

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