Project Hero Quirk Tier List Aprl 2022


Here is our Project Hero Quirk Tier List with all the quirks in this game. Find out the best quirks to use and dominate your opponents here.

Project Hero was built as a Roblox metaverse experience. Atlas Fan Club created this manga-inspired game that allows players to explore an exciting open universe. Quirks, which allow players to unleash strong abilities, can also be found. The game is based on My Hero Academia and features Quirks as playable abilities.

It should go without saying that not all quirks are the same. Some Quirks are better than others, but it is up to the players to choose certain benefits over others. Nonetheless, the Project Hero Quirks Tier List is provided below to assist you in your progress through the game. You can also check out our Anime Dimensions Simulator Tier List and Stellaris Origins Tier List.

Project Hero Quirk Tier List

The quirk tier list for Project Hero is no different than any other tier list. It’s a personal choice. Tiers will differ amongst persons, and they can soon become obsolete with a simple redesign or rebalancing process. Given the game’s recent release, the possibilities of the Project Hero quirk tier list becoming outdated are significant.

S Tier

These are the most powerful Quirks in the game. When seeking for Quirks in the game, players can’t go any higher than this.

Half Hot Half Cold

Generate ice, frost, and cold from the right side of their body and fire, flames, and heat from the left


  • Z – Ice Spike
  • X – Ice Slide
  • C – Ice Floor
  • V – Hell Shot
  • B – Flame Pillar

One for All


  • Z – Deleware Smash
  • X – Detriot Smash
  • C – One For All Leap
  • V – Full Cowling
  • B – Manchester Smash
  • N – St Louis Smash
  • E – Vanishing Drive
  • R – Deleware Air Force
  • T – One Million Percent Smash

Transferable Quirk (the recipient must ingest a sample of the predecessor’s DNA)

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A Tier

The best in the game is still the best. These quirks can be immensely useful.

Muscle Augmentation

Gives its user the ability to amplify, and to a degree, manipulate their muscles, granting a significant increase in strength, speed, and durability


  • Z – Shockwave Punch
  • X – Augmentation
  • C – Ground Smash
  • V – Augmentation Leap
  • B – Leaping Smash


Katsuki’s Quirk allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of his hands and ignite it on command


  • Z – Explosion Surge
  • X – Explosion Jet
  • C – Explosion Rush
  • V – AP Shot

Hell Flame

Gives Enji pyrokinetic abilities


  • Z – Flashfire Fist
  • X – Jet Burn
  • C – Flame Explosion
  • V – Volley
  • B – Purgatory

B Tier

Average quirks that, in the hands of an experienced player, could be useful.


Electrification gives Denki the ability to charge in electricity and emit it out of his body as a sort of protective aura that electrocutes anyone through contact


  • Z – Electric Bullet
  • X – Electric Stomp
  • C – Electrification Beast
  • V – 1 Million Volt Electrification Release
  • B – Electric Flash


Mina’s Quirk allows her to produce a corrosive liquid from her body


  • Z – Acid Spit
  • X – Acid Slide
  • C – Burn Barrage
  • V – Acid Venom

C Tier

These are the quirks that are at the bottom of the barrel. Not exactly what players looking for a fun game require.




This was our Project Hero Quirk Tier List. You can use this list to select the best quirks in the game and destroy opponents easily.

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