5 Profitable NBA Betting Tips for 2022 Season


April 30, 2013 Los Angeles, CA.Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chauncey Billups 1 moves the ball as Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley 11 defends in the second half of the NBA Basketball Herren USA Basketball playoff game 5 between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California..The Memphis Grizzlies defeat the Los Angeles Clippers 103-93.Louis Lopez/CSM NBA Basketball Herren USA 2013: Grizzlies vs Clippers APR 30 – ZUMAcl1

The National Basketball Association has gained popularity over the last decade. If you have some knowledge in sports and online wagering, then betting on the NBA will be profitable to you.

The primary key of betting is to master the basics and focus on growing the bankroll. As you do more betting, it will automatically improve your knowledge. So, it would be best to be aware of insights into how to sharpen your betting approach. Here are some tips to start a profitable betting career.

1. Focus on Bankroll Management

It is crucial to stay disciplined while betting, especially in the NBA. There are 30 teams and 82 scheduled games, which means 1230 games per year. So, it would be better to create an appropriate and well-structured plan based on your bankroll and bets per play. Also, make sure you stick to that plan even during ups and downs in the entire season.

2. Focus on Totals

It would be best to look at betting totals. Bettors usually show interest in betting sides instead of totals. But it is where they are making a mistake. Betting the sides has the same value. But predicting the pace of the game is much easier than picking a side to win outright.

3. Player Injury and Rest Information

The NBA is a popular player-driven league. So, players’ health plays a vital role in making bets. Stay wired to injuries or any kind of abnormal news about players. As their injuries can change the entire playoffs landscape. One injured player down can impact the performance of the entire team.

4. Live Betting

Live wagering is one of the most popular types of betting. It allows fans to place a bet once the game starts. In-game odds change with happenings in games. So, bettors can use these ever-changing odds for their benefits, make profitable bets, set arbitrage opportunities, and hedge previous bets.

The models or algorithms that we read are only good as basic information but the information you receive during games helps to make profitable bets. So, look for good online betting sites like and start making profitable bets.

The following are some basic rules for live betting:

  • Bet in between commercial breaks
  • Capitalize on pricing errors due to bad information
  • Calculate possessions for live totals
  • Capitalize on volatility as it is a game of runs
  • Learn rotations for successful betting

5. Home Court Advantage

When it comes to the NBA, do not underestimate the importance of home-court advantage. Many teams perform better at home than in any other place. They tend to give their best in front of a hometown crowd.

You can observe the previous seasons, almost 18 out of 30 teams had a straight record of winning at home. So, it is commonly expected that home-court benefit is worth around three to four points. Follow these different tips when betting on NBA and you’ll probably see your success increasing.