Predicted Lineups in Fantasy Football


We’ve all got our quirks – our own routines, when it comes to how we play the English Premier League’s official fantasy football game – Fantasy Premier League (FPL).

Are you a fan of the beautiful game who has struggled to make any significant impact in the world of fantasy football? With over seven million people registered to play this season’s game, it’s safe to say that you are not in the minority. It’s hard to earn those bragging rights. You may feel your opinion on the sport you know and love is losing weight as a result.

Let us help you. Read on and find out all the benefits there are to using some of our recommended FPL tools.

Knowing a Team’s Starting Eleven

One of the worst kept secrets in the world of fantasy football is how advantageous it can be to use predicted lineups. Do this on a regular basis – and, by regular, we mean every single gameweek of the season – and you’ll be well set up to make the toughest of decisions as the campaign progresses.

It’s imperative when picking a site to use for predicted lineups that you don’t just use the first one you find. There are literally thousands of FPL tips sites out there, each proclaiming to be the best thing since Lionel Messi. Not true, obviously. They can’t all be depended upon, that’s why you must source the best site with for you.

You may need to do some research and try out a few different sites for a few weeks. That way, you can gauge the quality of the information being shared on each one over a short period of time. Deciphering which of the sites provides the best predicted lineups is quite simply a case of seeing how right or wrong each one was with its predictions. Best to do this with the starting elevens for all 20 clubs as well.

A solid FPL tips site will also furnish you with plenty of other insight and tools that are easy to use as well. A good predicted lineups page could have, for example, a fixture analysis tool, a player rankings table, some probabilities for each match, and more.

Fixture Analysis

Fixture Analysis in fantasy football is a very basic, yet extremely useful, idea. When you’re making FPL transfers and choosing your first eleven, you will need this. What fixture analysis does is it takes each team/player’s upcoming games and gives them all a difficulty rating – often colour-coded for user-friendliness – allowing you to decide on transfers and the like as a result. You don’t want to sign a player from a mid-table team if they are facing four of the big six in their next five matches, for example. No matter what form he is in. Like the saying goes, a puppy is not just for Christmas. Well, an FPL transfer should not just be for one gameweek!

Player Rankings

A good Player Rankings page on an FPL site should show you which players they rate as having the highest chance of success (a high FPL score) in the coming gameweek. This will take his team’s opponents into account, along with the player’s fitness and form at that time.

The ranking will show you the best FPL players to have for the next round, in theory at least. The best sites are not just putting all this together through anecdotal evidence, of course. There is plenty of data-driven work based on a player’s recent history and statistics going on behind the scenes. This is all taken into account, along with the caliber of players they will be up against in the next match.

Probabilities in Fantasy Football

Wouldn’t it be nice if some FPL tips sites gave you the statistical probability of a player scoring in his next match? How about if he is likely to score more than one – a hat-trick maybe? What about clean sheets and how likely each club is to maintain one? Well, it’s all there for you now. This kind of data is readily available at the best fantasy football sites. Devised in conjunction with some of the top bookmakers in the sport – you can’t go wrong with probabilities as a guiding tool when making your big FPL decisions.