“Power Book IV: Force Season 2 – Tommy Egan’s Quest for Dominance Continues!


Season 2 of Power Book IV: Force will premiere this Friday, September 1st on Netflix. Joseph Sikora stars as Tommy Egan who leaves New York behind to explore Chicago’s drug trade.

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Power Book IV

Tommy returns in season two determined to seek justice for Liliana’s murder and Diamond is by his side as they gain ground against Jenard; however, with CBI closing in and Federal forces moving in on them both sides, Tommy must decide where his allegiances lie.

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Fans of Power Universe know there’s a new season of the spin-off series Power Book IV: Force on STARZ that promises more action, drama, and revenge than its predecessor. A first teaser trailer for it has just been released; check it out now.

Tommy Egan departs New York behind in order to dominate Chicago’s drug world, determined to avenge Liliana’s death and secure a stake in its top racket. Fuelled by this motivation and seeking revenge against its killers – Serbs and Jenards alike – Tommy unleashes a wave of violence that quickly escalates while his crew must also navigate a fractured CBI and maintain an edge against rival gangs like Serbs & Jenards.

Season 2 Premiere DateSeptember 1st on Netflix
PlotTommy Egan seeks justice for Liliana’s murder and power in Chicago’s drug world while facing rival gangs and law enforcement pressure
Renewal AnnouncementSeason 2 confirmed due to the success of the first season
CancellationThe cancellation is not confirmed, and the show is returning for Season 2
Production TeamCreated by Courtney A. Kemp, executive produced by Mark Canton and produced by G-Unit Film and Television
New ShowrunnerGary Lennon takes over showrunning duties for Season 2
Critical AcclaimSeason 1 received 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and had over 3.3 million cross-platform viewers for the premiere

Joseph Sikora stars in the show as Tommy, an influential drug dealer who has broken ties with New York and is ready for battle in Chicago. Together with Diamond, Tommy plans on taking control of the city but must fight an uphill battle as they try to stay ahead of a federal task force and Flynns and their crew.

Courtney A. Kemp is the creator and executive producer of G-Unit Film and Television; Mark Canton via Atmosphere Entertainment MM is executive producing. Starz has picked up this series for an entire season of ten episodes.


Force, the third Power spinoff from Starz, returns Friday with an all-new season. Joseph Sikora returns as Tommy Egan, his ambition renewed by what happened at the conclusion of Season 1. To avenge Liliana’s death and gain power for himself he will leverage existing rivalries while defying local norms in pursuit of dominance.

As the season progresses, Tommy finds his ambitions challenged by an increasingly disjointed CBI and an array of new threats. Isaac Keys, Gabrielle Ryan, Shane Harper, Kris D. Lofton and Anthony Fleming III star. Robert Munic created and produced the show while Courtney Kemp and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson serve as show runners.

Fans were delighted by Starz’s announcement of a second season just five episodes into its first run and enthusiastically celebrated it via social media. Although no exact number of episodes have yet been planned for it, Starz’s Instagram page indicates a writer room is already being formed for it.

Friday marks the premiere of Power Book IV: Force on both linear and streaming platforms. If you aren’t a Starz subscriber, use a VPN service to gain access. Plus, for a limited time you can save 70% when signing up for Starz subscription!


After an impressive season one premiere, the star-studded spinoff has been extended for a second season. Joseph Sikora returns as Tommy Egan, leaving New York behind him on his mission to claim his place at the drug runner top in Chicago. Isaac Keys plays Diamond while Lili Simmons portrays Claudia Flynn; Shane Harper portrays Victor; Kris D Lofton portrays Jenard; Anthony Fleming III portrays JP Gibbs; all produced by Courtney Kemp and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson for Lionsgate Television.

Gary Lennon will take over showrunning duties for season two, replacing Robert Munic who left before its completion. Lennon served as co-showrunner of Power TV during its sixth and final season.

Starz announced on Friday, September 1 that its upcoming season of Power Book IV: Force will debut Friday September 1 on both linear and streaming platforms. Fans without cable access can sign up for Starz streaming to catch all-new episodes available through live TV streaming services like Fubo TVand Hulu with Live TV; those looking for a cheaper way can also sign up through Fubo TV or Hulu with Live TV with limited-time offers to save you 70% off three months of service; you may also catch Power Book IV: Force via streaming via Hulu with Live TV’s limited-time offer to save 70% off three months of service; plus catch Power Book IV: Force whenever you like via Starz app – it may receive another season two renewal soon enough!


Starz streaming service will launch the second season of Power Book IV: Force on September 1. This series, a spinoff from the original Power series, follows Tommy Egan as he strives to dominate Chicago’s drug world.

Power Book IV: Force’s inaugural season was met with incredible critical acclaim, scoring 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, viewers showed great appreciation of it; with an audience reach of over 3.3 million cross-platform viewers for its premiere episode alone – this makes the show truly standout among other premium cable series such as Yellowjackets or Dexter’s New Blood.

Joseph Sikora returns as New York drug dealer Tommy Egan in Power Book IV: Force, premiering its second season on September 1. Gabrielle Ryan, Isaac Keys, Lili Simmons, Shane Harper, Kris D. Lofton and Anthony Fleming III also star. Robert Munic created this spinoff from Power Book that follows Tommy after leaving New York.

This season, Tommy’s tenacity soars as he pursues his goal of dominating Chicago’s drug world. To achieve his aim, he strategically feeds existing rivalries and ignites betrayals that threaten existing alliances; yet his lofty goals may prove too much for some; with his friend lost and family fragmented and an ongoing war between two major crews in Chicago, Tommy must make tough choices that test his limits to succeed.


“Power Book IV: Force” is set to return for its highly anticipated second season, promising more drama, action, and power struggles as Joseph Sikora’s Tommy Egan aims to conquer the Chicago drug trade. Fans of the “Power” universe are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this thrilling spin-off series whichis getting releasen this Friday, September 1st.