Pouya’s Love Life Unveiled: Dating History and Current Relationship Status


Pouya is an American rapper known for collaborating with artists such as Rich Brian, Fat Nick and Ghostemane. His hits include Straight Up and Get Buck; his concerts also offer fans the opportunity to meet him personally at his merch table.


He is well known for his humorous anecdotes and candid discussions of topics like anxiety, depression and explicit sexual encounters. Currently, he is in a relationship with Coco Neville.

He dated Ellie Howell

Pouya is an American rapper renowned for his music. He has amassed an extensive fan base via social media accounts, with songs being streamed by millions worldwide and videos featuring him also being made. Born December 20, 1994, in Florida.

NameOverview and DetailsNotable Facts
PouyaAmerican rapper known for his music and collaborations.Has a diverse fan base and musical style.
Ellie HowellReportedly dated Ellie Howell.Ellie provided details about an encounter.
Young CocoCurrently dating Young Coco, an Instagram celebrity.Open about their relationship on social media.
Rich BrianDated Rich Brian, an Indonesian rapper and singer.Details about their relationship are unspecified.
GhostemaneDated Ghostemane, an American rapper and artist.Information about their relationship is limited.

He has collaborated with several rappers, such as SDotBraddy, Germ and Fat Nick. He has released three studio albums: Underground Underdog, Five Five and one under his own name called Buffet Boys as part of the musical collective Buffet Boys; as well as having his own YouTube channel with Fat Nick.

Ellie provided details to the Virginia Beach Special Victims Unit about what happened in her statement to them. She reported buying tickets and travelling alone as she could not find anyone to join her for the show. When she arrived at the hotel at about 12:58 a.m. she waited outside until attendants ushered non-VIP guests out before entering to be met by someone she believed to be Pouya’s friend who claimed he knew where she lived.

He dated Young Coco

Pouya is an American rapper born December 20, 1994 in Florida. He is best known for his collaborations with Fat Nick. Pouya has released several mixtapes – Underground Underdogs and Five Five being his two best-known releases – as well as co-founding a YouTube channel called Buffet Boys together with him.

He has amassed an enormous following online, boasting more than 400,000 Instagram followers and nearly 800,000 subscribers on SoundCloud. Influenced by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and growing alongside them on SoundCloud as an influential rap group, his influence can be found among prominent figures of SoundCloud rap scene.

He is well known for being private about his personal life, preferring instead to focus on his career as an artist rather than getting involved with any romantic relationships. Yet despite this stance he has been linked to multiple women in the past who have made claims against him being abusive – although these accusations were later refuted by him himself. Additionally, some have accused him of misusing his platform for personal gain or product promotion purposes.

He dated Rich Brian

Pouya is an American rapper with a diverse background. His career serves as an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success, with strong support from his fans and no marriage arranged yet but currently dating Young Coco (an Instagram celebrity). They share close ties that they showcase through their Instagram accounts.

Baby Bone, the rap artist popularly dubbed, has released several successful tracks and become a fan favorite. Influenced by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and currently making waves in the music industry.

Born December 20, 1994 to Cuban mother and Iranian father, he dropped out of Westland Hialeah High School to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper. Starting as a busboy before creating Buffet Boys with Fat Nick and rappers Shakewell and Germ.

He dated Ghostemane

Kevin Pouya and Young Coco are in a relationship since 2013. Coco is an influential Instagram celebrity with a large fan following and she and Kevin enjoy spending quality time together despite Coco being four years older than them both. They remain very content in their relationship.

Baby Bone, often referred to by his fans, is an American rapper best known for producing hit tracks such as “Get Buck” and “Straight Up.” His musical influences come largely from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony; furthermore he has released numerous mixtapes, such as Underground Underdogs and South Slide Slays.

Pouya is part of Schemaposse and Seven Serpents musical groups. He is well-known for his dark themes and unique rap style; these have earned him many concerts around the globe. Unfortunately, Pouya’s dark style led to many fans abandoning him after allegations were levelled against him of domestic abuse by an ex-partner; which caused many fans to withdraw support for him.


Get an inside look at the romantic life of American rapper Pouya, as we explore his dating history with Ellie Howell, Young Coco, Rich Brian, and more. Despite his fame in the music industry, Pouya has been linked to several women, and his current relationship with Young Coco is a testament to their enduring love.