Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Event-New Recipes, Best Shiny Pokemon, and More


With the inaugural Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day event, love is in the air. Pokemon Sleep will be celebrating Valentine’s Day for a week. There will be new recipes, more chances to encounter certain Pokemon, more opportunities to catch shiny Pokemon, and time-limited quests that offer rewards.

All players in all of the game’s sleeping places will be able to participate in the week-long Valentine’s Day event in Pokemon Sleep. This week’s dishes from Snorlax are to be presented as desserts or beverages, and the two new recipes should complement the theme’s sweet and delicate vibe. Throughout the week, the dishes’ strengths will be multiplied; Sunday’s delicious meals will have a strength multiplier of 4.5 times.

Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Event Overview

Pokemon Sleep is hosting a Valentine’s Day Event from February 12 to February 18 that will include two brand-new dessert and drink recipes! This week will also see an increase in the prevalence of some Pokemon that eat ingredients for dessert.
Pokemon Sleep is providing us dish strength bonuses all week long, making our Valentine’s week even sweeter!

This week’s meals will all receive a 1.5x strength boost. During this event, Extra Tasty dishes—which are typically double (2x) the predicted dish Strength—will have treble (3x) the original dish Strength.

Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day
Pokemon Sleep Cover

Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Event Breakdown

Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Slowpoke, Pinsir, Jigglypuff, and Absol are the Pokemon that will show up more frequently during the event; these will be useful in gathering ingredients for the desserts and drinks that will be served. Additionally, there will be an increased chance of encountering these particular Pokemon in their shiny forms. You can obtain 10 Poke Biscuits to help you easily capture those shiny variations by finishing time-limited quests.

There’s a random chance that every dish will taste extra good. Adding more ingredients than the recipe calls for is thought to help, though it is unknown what influences this likelihood. Adding as many components as you can helps boost the dish’s strength, at the very least.

Pokemon Sleep Valentine's Day Event
Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Cover

Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Event Recipes

Whatever research topic you decide on for the week, your Snorlax’s cookery request will be Desserts and Drinks. Every research area island should be eligible for all of the event incentives.

But only in their approved research regions will the event’s highlighted Pokemon show up.

During the Valentine’s Day 2024 Event, Pokemon Sleep will get two new Dessert and Drink recipes!

The event banner suggests that one of the new dishes is a fancy apple rose tart, and the other is a macaron dish with a cherry motif (“Flower Gift” macarons, possibly).

It’s also conceivable that the ingredients acquired by the event’s featured Pokemon—Honey and Calm Cacao—will be required for the new meals.

It appears that the major component in the apple rose tart is Fancy Apple. Since egg is also required to make macarons and tarts, Fancy Egg is a required item for both of these new recipes.

As of right now, no dessert calls for the uncommon ingredient Slowpoke Tail, therefore now would be the ideal time to create a new dish that does! It might provide a supply of pink food coloring for the macarons, perhaps.

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Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day- Sleep Styles

Pokemon Sleep Valentine’s Day Event Shiny Pokemon

During this Valentine’s Day Event, the Shiny probabilities of every featured Pokemon have increased. Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Slowpoke, Pinsir, Chikorita, and Absol have a higher probability of being Shiny.

If you want to go Shiny hunting, you should sleep for two hours every day to find as many Pokemon as possible.

What is Pokemon Sleep?

In simple words, Pokemon Sleep is a Sleep tracking app available on the mobile devices.

Is Pokemon Sleep a game?

Pokemon Sleep blends the world of gaming and day to day apps.

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